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The Yearning


Melting within

Looking at a picture of your delicious physique

The tender chocolate wrappings that cover your sweetheart

Arouses me

So intense, is this feeling to plunge inside your wetness

To feel your warm

To feel your tight

To feel your soft

To be cupped into your embrace

To feel your moan travel through my ear canal

And make itself a home in my mind….again

I imagine the unimagined pleasure taking form in your face

Because I miss it

I miss your love for the pain when you squeeze me into you

The affectionate type of animosity

The whirlpool motion in the hips

Twirling profoundly into our centers

The thrusting….like clashing magnets

The bonding of opposites

The opening of you

The hugging of me

The altitude of orgasm

The pressure in the eyebrows

The stretching of the jaws, and the tremble in the legs

The helplessness that dances with ecstasy

The clenching of the teeth

The reaching without moving a muscle

The volcanic eruption of cream from your inner cave

The white rivers

The quivers

And yet I still I stroke…swim…back in

Decorating my thick and long with your warm, liquid snow


All of these thoughts pour from my ocean of perversions

And I leak them here

Because I was afraid that I would offend, so I pretend

That these thoughts never exist when I speak to you

Instead of being in heat for you, and letting these thoughts drip from my tongue

I’m frozen within, trying to hold myself together

Like a gentleman

But I’m melting….

The One That Got Away


Ok babe, I’m headed out the door

She planted a loose kiss on my cheek

And a dry “I love you” jutted from her lips

Smooth Criminal, she was; and I almost let her get away with it too

Whoa! Hold up…say, it again”

Huh? ….Say what?

Tell me you love me…..slower

She fashioned a frustrated lip curl as tension melted into her eyebrows

I smile….”I’m listening

Vigorously, she unloads “I….love…..youuuuuu, Jooooooohn

No, no, no….you gotta come closer and say it

John! What are you doing?! I have to go!

I walked to her

Reaching to possess her hips, which were cloaked in her baby blue dress

Mmmnnnn…I love it when she wears dresses

Especially when there’s a thong buried innocently beneath

I massage my way into cupping her ass

Flashing assured eyes, and a confident smirk

Say it….again….

Her eyes blazed wider as she felt the spark of inspiration

…..She feels the hint of sex in the air

Low-toned and blasé, she chuckles “I love you

My hands were the silkiest electric currents surging through back

As I sunk my face closer into hers

We paused…..our eyes stole each other

And as my lips reached in for a comforting hug

Air bolted from her nose as if there were fire within

mmmnnnn….” Kiss*….kiss* “mmnnnnn….Joooooohn”, she muffled

My palms glide up her dress

Silky smooth thighs that pay tribute to her robust apple bottom

I revolved her with snap-action force

Pitching her dress to rest on her lower back

mmnnnn……babe….we…..mmmn….hurry up and put it in

I reach in, and joust out my pulsating shaft with one hand

While pulling her emerald thong over to the right with the other

The tip of my pink helmet began to wiggle between the rims of her pussy

It felt as if she were sucking it in…sluggishly… forcefully…

Her rosy tunnel clinched on…caving in as I lunge through

Her knees unbuckled into a slender tremor

Our pace: slow and steady

Each stroke was sponsored with increasing intensity

I was swelling up inside her….

Ugh! She was sooooo wet…..

I dip all the way in, and yank all the way out

Her silk-like, shadowy hair draped to the left side of her face

As her neck sagged into submission to the deep, animated rhythm

In which our bodies rocked

Sweat beads decorated my face, and her upper back



(buzzing alarm)

My eyes open…..deep breath

I laid in the bed on my stomach…frozen-still

Recollecting fragments of the dream

Interpreting the events that preceded it

And then my face crawls into my palms as I shake my head thinking

Damn….the one that got away….sighs…I never told her how I felt

Could she have been….the one?”

My imagination churns in my mind with what-ifs

….like a glass of wine as it’s swirled

Is it so childish to imagine what life would be like if I was the inspiration

That moved her….to say…. “I love you, John”? I wrote her today

…and told her how I felt, careless of what the consequence was

It’s amazing how we can find happiness in being reckless and daring

A Taste of Our Sex

Heat of the Moment

We were lounging on the balcony of my hotel room

We soaked in the sounds of the ocean waves

The evening was as cool as our mood

Yet the THC in our blood streams excites the sexual magnetism between us

The coffee table cradles our Legs, which are half as elevated as our sensitivity

We felt a pull in our centers

Pheromones pollute the air in the best way

Cottonmouth behind my lips, yet her pussy lips were wet

Her thighs rubbing against each other

Clitoris now extra sensitive, gently rubbing against the satin-like material of her thong

She ponders “damn, I wonder how big he is!”

She hides her smirking

I observe her

Appreciation fills my heart to the brim

My imagination is visited with an image of my warm hand sliding up her thigh to cuff her ass

My other hand pulling her close into me

Her giggle interrupts my mini-movie

“….what are you thinking about John? And um….be honest” , she grins

I stare biting my bottom lip

My heart quickened

I breathe

“….it’s sexual….and truthfully, I’d rather show you what I saw, rather than tell you”

Her face lights up ecstatically….

She shies her eyes into the distance of the dark sea

Temporary Silence, and a Loud Longing for each other penetrates the moment like a Syringe to a Bubble

She glances back at me

“…..what are you waiting for? I’m right here”

I sway over to her chair

Her eyes lower, chest rises, back arches, and legs open

Her wet Cocoa Flower gave rise to a mesmerizing funk that danced with my senses

It was like hearing your favorite song for the first time

I basked in her scent as the image of us sexing replays from its beginning

The edges of her dress ascend like “the show is about to begin”

Seating my lips on hers


Preludes our heavy breathing

We gasp for air as if there was a vacuum between us

Into each other, we’re absorbed…..Mentally

Shaft pulsates

She pulls from my lips and tells mine “Lets go to the room”

“Yes! She wants this as much me”, I whisper in my mind

I tug her inside

Clothes fell like Meteor Showers

She pushes me on the bed – Mounted

All the while, I admire her slim physique

Wide hips with a chocolate apple bottom

I smack it – it Waves like a Waterdrop to a Pond

Perky breasts with dark nipples eclipse my eyes

I grope her waist, she’s gropes my chest

Fingers removing my underarmour boxer briefs

Again she straddles me

Reaches for my large log – she tugs and strokes lightly

She stares back at me

Smiles metamorph into a biting of bottom lip

It’s a sign that she approves

Her back arches; my helmet  kisses her pussy lips

She slides it across her wetness like a slip’n slide

Eyelids fall




Her pelvis flexes

My stiffness digs deeper

Sliding in smoother and faster

Jaws Extend like Bungie Cords

My inner voice speaks “damn I never knew pain could feel this good”

She speaks “I know, right?”

We smile

She can feel my thoughts….and I can feel hers

We didn’t even speak as the ocean continued to whisper in the distance


Body’s move in synchronicity like two snakes dancing

Heightened moans, rising higher after each breath

Overdosing on pleasure

My emotions say “It’s too much….yet I can’t get enough”

I’m confused, can’t think because Euphoria has drowned logic as my dick dips inside her ocean

In rhythm and grooving to the sounds of soothing waves

Our bodies become fluent with their language

Grinding harder, thrusting deeper as my tongue and lips envelop her nipple

Message of pleasure above my chin

She moans and grins; louder and longer

Deep breath, exhale

Inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale

Big Bang – Explode; she collapses on me

No stopping, I grind on

Motion got slower but intense

Cool breeze swiftly hugs the sweat beads on her back and on my pecs

She slides off

D!ck looks like it was Dipped in Toothpaste

She plants her face in the pillow

Bubble Butt is Elevated like she’s Making a Toast

I mount behind

*Thut, Thut, Thut, Thut, Thut, Tap, Tap, Thut*

Slapping my Meat Stick on her cheeks

Then Slip n’ Slide between her pussy lips which spoke a light, reverberating flatulence

The creamy juices blend with the air in her tender pink cave

As my thickness squeezes the air out

The sound of her holler is a concoction of pain, surprise, and relief wrapped in pleasure…..

Each stab exalts a sound that cracks the silence

And then…I begin to feel like water

Pleasure pulsates from my groin and echoes through my body to the top of my head

She rocks back and forth

Her tender brown bubble butt slaps my thighs

Pleasure pulsates so violently that she cries

Unbearable delight that made her cream uncontrollably

While the Supernova in my groin reacts from the synergistic sauce of arousing imagery, tantric sounds, boiling aromas, and the bubbly sensations

And then…. I pulled out….

…..squeezed and held…..

…..a milk stream expels and lands on the smooth of her cocoa rump shaker

“Breathe, jerk, relax” << said no one but that’s what my body did

She knows I finished

“Don’t move…lemme clean you up”, I utter

I recollect my pearl-like deposits with a napkin; observing her thighs as they resemble rapid micro-quakes

A Coo-like purr is what she sounds off with

Our eyes square off, and our smiles stare at each other until they hugged up close

The ruffling sounds of ocean continues permeating the silence

Her appetite remains conscious as mine

We reach within each other again moving beyond our first taste of the alchemy we cook up