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Nationality vs. Ethnicity





I was engaged in a warm debate over titles. I almost feel guilty because of it (it’s petty! More divisions? [smacks lips]), but the source of the debate erected from the verdict of the Trayvon Martin case. I’m lightly compassionate towards those who feel disgruntled or angry, but my sword of apathy swings at those who aren’t channeling their energy into something constructive to make it heard through the use of their constitution liberties and divine power. A friend (and I do mean that) that I know has the tendency to rant about racial conflicts; ironically that’s his comfort zone for discussion since he’s all about black unity. He’s good hearted, but he exhibits a sort of hyper-imposed black power type of consciousness. He has friends of all hues and ethnicities on his list, but he discredits most views that don’t agree with his or is not from a black person. He’s the type that hates the system, rants about it, but you never see Instagram photos of him fighting the system through protests or community meetings on legislation. He will post against interracial relationships and the western indoctrination before he makes a posts stating that he’s at a college or elementary school educating the youth. As I once stated “he’s like granddad from the Boondocks”. But, I still love the dude. Terrific artist! So, this part of the story begins like this:

I am not American. And neither are my fellow brothers and sisters. We are Africans who happen to BE in America. If we were AMERICAN we wouldn’t have to “Rally” or “Petition” for RIGHTS & LIBERTIES given in the Constitution. If we were AMERICAN our tax dollars would go to a GOVERNMENT that protects the interests of us AND our CHILDREN” – Angelo H.

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then you should be wearing the doo-doo brown stink face – yea, it smells sh!tty. But don’t distort my position; I see his intention. He’s partially correct, and partially incorrect. It would seem that I assumed hater status with my replies, but truly, most people who are friends with this guy knows that he talks out of his left nut without supporting works to uphold his claims. This post received 50+ likes, and I’m thinking “um, did anyone think about what he just said?” So I chime in with…

No matter how you reword it, you are an American. The African portion pays homage to your race/ethnicity/lineage, but by proximity and allegiance to the Constitution, you are American. If you have a social security number, you are an American. If you pay taxes to the IRS, you are an American. If you have a job that falls under the umbrella of US Department of Commerce, you are an American; because you are legally employed. If you purchase a passport and you go to Africa, guess what? They’re not going to view you as an African; their government officials will ensure that you are aware of the location of the AMERICAN embassy because in the event of a crisis, you will be accounted for there. Until you change your residence status to a dual citizenship, in which you are partly a resident of Africa, you are an AMERICAN. Otherwise, you are an illegal alien.

You have to remember bro, even the Native Americans had to FIGHT for their freedom. That was their form of a rally and a petition.

Don’t forget, tax dollars are FUNDING the programs on the below website. You’re welcome.


The link (which is authentic) was to remind him that there are government funded programs within the nation that support the impoverished, the elderly, the young, the sick, and the veterans. I follow up with…

Let me also add this….the government is COMPOSED of people that are just like you and myself. In the event that you don’t like how they are managing tax dollars, or governing the people, YOU possess a Constitutional right to petition.

“the United States right to petition is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the federal constitution, which specifically prohibits Congress from abridging “the right of the people…to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

That means you have a voice JUST IN CASE the government is consumed with power because God and humans know how corrupt and unstable we are. Keep in mind the that the BPP were not just n!ggas with guns. They studied the system, and they made it WORK to THEIR advantage. They devised their own rallies because people in power became corrupt. So they took some of it back to restore balance. Sometimes you need to rally and petition, so that elected officials can remember where the true power comes from……THE PEOPLE. And when OUR own are acting out of character you hold them accountable, and you take them out of office using your constitutional rights and your divine power.

Being American has little to do with corruption, because corruption is a spiritual problem…

Then for a while, we started playing tennis with a few ad hominems. I left the through room; dropping the ball. Or so I thought. He then rehashes in a fresh new status update with….

“Negroes are funny. They want to be “IDENTIFIED” with being AMERICAN so bad, want to be so PATRIOTIC. Why are we so LOYAL and FAITHFUL to a SYSTEM/land that has proved time and time again that we are subhuman? A system/land where our ancestors were brought here AGAINST their will(excluding Moors and Negro Indian tribes) and FORCED to WORK for FREE? Then forced to fight WARS for the same people who oppressed us? When the Emancipation Proclamation was signed we switched from CHATTEL SLAVERY to ECONOMIC SLAVERY. But you still want to identify YOURSELF as AMERICAN when your tax dollars don’t protect the INTERESTS of your PEOPLE? You gotta “Rally” or “Petition” for RIGHTS & LIBERTIES given in the Constitution. The same Constitution that said YOU are 1/3rd of a HUMAN BEING? Which is an OVERSTATEMENT” – Angelo H.

I’m thinking “come on; first you tie a rock to your leg, and now you’re going to throw it in deep waters?” (smh) And his entourage was in the front row throwing flowers, screaming “preach”, and going all Spliff Star on the brother, hyping him up. When he said “I wish John Nicholson could GET IT!” that’s when I felt compelled to interject.

No bro, you don’t get it. Until I can LEAVE American soil and legally RENOUNCE my citizenship….I have this brand attached to me. You hate the system, but you aint doing sh!t to change it except talk on Facebook. No apologies here, but I’m more practical than that.

If any of you have ever traveled outside of the continental US, then you would know exactly what I’m talking about. You cannot go to Iraq, Europe, Africa, Cuba, or the damn Virgin Islands saying you’re African when your passport says United States of America. When you travel ANYWHERE in the world, they wanna know what you nationality is…”what is your citizenship status?” It’s going to be America. Sure you are African by LINEAGE…but you are a CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES, bro. Legally. I could walk around on us soil saying I’m African, all day everyday….but guess what? I’m still on American soil while LEGALLY classified as an Afrikhan AMERICAN. If I’m going to renounce being American, dammit, I’m going to renounce my citizenship. You do it right! I am currently under DUAL CITIZENSHIP. America and Kuwait. That’s how the sh!t works. When I renounce my citizenship….THEN…I am no longer American.

Saying I’m not American doesn’t make it true if I still have a citizenship. How can you NOT get that? (laughs) I’m funny…no no no (finger waves) YOU’RE FUNNY!

This was an argument about nationality, not ethnicity. And again, you have people liking his status while I’m wearing the stink face. (chuckles) Am I hating or just setting the record straight? Now, for breathing room, some of the onlookers connected with the meaning of my content. You cannot deny being an American when that’s your nationality. Even white South Africans cannot deny being South African because it’s their nationality. Until you renounce your citizenship, you retain a legal allegiance to your designated nation.

Through this jungle of words, I did learn a lot. In the trunk of my conscience, I’ve retained a handful of curiosity of what measures would need to be taken to establish permanent residence in another country if I ever decided to divorce America. Angelo’s post chauffeured that hidden curiosity that I stashed away in my well of subconscious thoughts to the front stage of my conscience. I love the dude; even though many of his posts are normally contradictory, racially fueled, limited, and often deprived in legitimacy. All of this was also linked to an inquiry for my homework assignment that requires me to construct a presentation on a place I’d like to visit. And surely, Africa is one of them. Where at specifically? Well, a few places; Egypt, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cape Town, Nigeria, JoBurg, Morocco, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda and maybe Congo. I wrote about a dream that I had previously, which involved me being transported to a store somewhere in Africa. I held on to that dream because I felt like I would be there. And now, I’m setting goals. The plan will trail behind as well as the execution when I discover the time (and that rhymes). After my journey to the Middle East, I have developed a hunger to travel to other places. My plate is full; I just gotta reach out and digest. I wish to be able to say that I’ve went to Africa; and whether I stay or not, I wish to be able to say that I’ve lived there with my own account of what it means to be culturally in tune with my ethnic roots. Plus, it really shuts people up in debates when they say “why don’t you go back to Africa?” When someone counter argues with “I did….for 3 years…and I decided I wanted to be an American again” then it really crunches eyebrows like “Oh…well…I would’ve stayed with my people” (side eyes)….right….because you know that life in Africa is better than in America. After living an American way of life, it’s a cultural earthquake adapting to another…especially when it’s not as enriched and convenient as the previous. From all of this, I’m just thankful that I’m not an extremist for black love and black power. I’m thankful that I’m not prejudiced and particular of one culture, ethnicity, or race. I feel like…why choose one when I can taste them all? Why only limit myself to Georgia when I can be all over the US. Why only study Christianity when I can study Taoism too? Why be Conservative, when I can be Liberal today, Communist tomorrow, and Democratic and Republic within the hours of each other? Loyalty? Well I tell you what, when the tide changes, sometimes the things that you are loyal to become your travel guide to destruction. Human’s have survived and died from commitment to their values. I just seek more options; more resources, meaning more freedom, in case I need to adapt to the changes of the tide. Every culture and belief system is designed for a set of conditions. And since conditions change, I want to be able to adapt.

Intelligence should be fluid always, and mechanical when necessary.