A Universe expressed through a Window of Experience

Visual Arts and Poetry

Ego Strikes Again


Not listening
Ego is deafening
Not visualizing
Ego is blinding
It’s a graffiti painted wall
It’s a filter
It’s a magnetic field
Whatever it is… has cut my umbilical cord
To the outside world
Now Pregnant with Desires
In the form of Chains
Pushing outward, I was
Giving Birth to Control
….Over my environment
The beginnings of my sufferings
Disguised as my pleasures
Not letting anything in
No questions nor suggestions for my mood
No challenges to my feelings
Says ego
…whom guards the storm within me
Deludes me
Protects me…from the truth that hurts
The clarity that purifies and dissolves
The contractual vestment in pleasures
Quarreling with ego
Losing the fight
Addicted to the drama like many others
Flooded with negative thoughts
Grey Clouds that appear in the form of situations
Now a Severe Weather-storm in the forecast
Wind Pressures
From Life’s Gravity, which moves me
Moody with High Temperatures
These are the makings of
….a Movie about my True Nature
A documentary of
An obscure storm
The sound-waves of thunder do not travel fast enough
Nor far beyond for you to receive them
Thinning out over time
Yes…this segment of me may be too dark for you to see
The frictions and afflictions
Sketched as Violet Lightnings
That Strike Violently…Quick
Punching the Air
Snapping and Cracking
The Innocent Skies into Fragments
Looking like Black Shattered Glass
Inside of my vast being
As this is all compressed in a globe the size of a peephole
A Small World within my Universal Self
A sphere of thought
To be thought of as fear
A collaboration of
Rampaging oceans and earthquakes
Present with great movements
And an absent stillness
Nicknamed …”peace”
Whom knows me but we are distant lovers
Incarcerated in one Cell, we once were
For many fallen suns
And since there’s no Conviction
At the moment, we simply don’t Jail (Gel)
Hard Heart
Cemented Feelings
What remains is a Statue of a Storm
Memorializing the life that no longer lives
A Rigid Coagulation of Currents
Sullenly Stubborn
Juxtaposed as a Fighter with a Rocky Role
The ego
A web of fiery desires
A magnetic field
A filter
A graffiti painted wall

A Prey Tale (Saga 1)

~Youthful Cougar~

~Youthful Cougar~


A Queen

With eyes tinted of a Crown Royal hue

That I Sipped from

Inebriated kind of glance

That copiloted her penetrating stance

Finally I blink, Soaked with curiosity

I try to Shake it Off like a Wet Dog

But alas, my attention grasped

Without hands, and no ring on hers

Yet still she jabbed me into surprise by a

Passionate Passive Aggressive gaze

That represents a taste…

..For me

I shy away from the Magnetic Stares

An Elevating Force

That may take me to a smothered place

Rumored where lovers vacate

When life becomes mundane

This is a Tale from Prey

A Pray Tale, per se

Amen…for me

She’s …a Predator

Killer Bank Account

She’s Loaded, Aiming…for me

Her Trigger Squeeze is precise

Her technique is designed

To make my Love Bleed out

That’s what she seeks from this Young Meat

Woman of many Dreams, not a Kruger

But a Cougar, and she’s Hungry

For attention

Let me mention that the Time in her Hourglass frame



Explosively, she’s fine, physically

Cougars don’t Fly

But mentally she’s in the Skyline

Raining Knowledge

While I build my Noah’s Ark

Amongst this Flood of Thoughts

Yea, she’s a Wise Wine

My kind, a Sophisticated Taste

Flavorful Words, we Brew

In a Stew of Dialogue

Emotional Simmer, gave me the shivers

Her Inner Light was familiar

Reflecting on her Spirit

Was like speaking to a clearer mirror

“Have we met before?” I implore

Was explored by her Erotic Intelligence

Mind Fucking me Raw

She Came…inside

And like Two Guitar Strings

We Vibed

Consumed by her Ego

So I’m Stroking hers

With spoken words

Till I slur into a wake-less blur

I’m drowsy

She’s touching me without permission

What’s her mission?

I’ve met bold women, but she’s bolder

Or maybe my erection was harder than one

I don’t know but I notice

How she unclothed my emotions

Lips massaging my shoulder

Over and over

And over to my chest

My breath weighs a ton

About as much as my eyelids

Pants are falling down

Too weak to get up

I look around, sucking sounds

Fill the air, I Blackout

Confused, this does not compute

And like the jazz serenade that colored our space

I fade….

Till I awake, feeling the breeze of time

It blew me into a long stay

Mind alarms me that I need to escape

Dressing slowly, I fasten my pants

Toe Tapping towards the door

Of my car, pedal Hits the Floor like a Shoot Out

Speed limit is 45

The same number of thoughts that race past

Bumping into my Face like Acne

Recollecting events, the suspense

Is venomous, it paralyzed me in confusion

“Was it a dream? An illusion?”

“Where’s my wallet?”

Back pocket, checked it

To my surprise it was Pregnant

With money I’ve never seen

Bulging with a few G’s like a Mafia Movie

I gasp; breathe

“What I have done? What did we say?”

Phone illuminates, it sings

Text message is on the screen

“Thank you for tonight! You were amazing”

“See you next week – heart, heart, wink- smiley face”


…To be resumed

The Yearning


Melting within

Looking at a picture of your delicious physique

The tender chocolate wrappings that cover your sweetheart

Arouses me

So intense, is this feeling to plunge inside your wetness

To feel your warm

To feel your tight

To feel your soft

To be cupped into your embrace

To feel your moan travel through my ear canal

And make itself a home in my mind….again

I imagine the unimagined pleasure taking form in your face

Because I miss it

I miss your love for the pain when you squeeze me into you

The affectionate type of animosity

The whirlpool motion in the hips

Twirling profoundly into our centers

The thrusting….like clashing magnets

The bonding of opposites

The opening of you

The hugging of me

The altitude of orgasm

The pressure in the eyebrows

The stretching of the jaws, and the tremble in the legs

The helplessness that dances with ecstasy

The clenching of the teeth

The reaching without moving a muscle

The volcanic eruption of cream from your inner cave

The white rivers

The quivers

And yet I still I stroke…swim…back in

Decorating my thick and long with your warm, liquid snow


All of these thoughts pour from my ocean of perversions

And I leak them here

Because I was afraid that I would offend, so I pretend

That these thoughts never exist when I speak to you

Instead of being in heat for you, and letting these thoughts drip from my tongue

I’m frozen within, trying to hold myself together

Like a gentleman

But I’m melting….

Angel in a Blue Dress

No name

Curvy in all of her femininity

Face was a smooth-skinned, coffee-hued canvas

That was painted with Two-Lips that Blossomed full

No lipstick, no make-up, she was organic

Her cat-like eyes fashioned a hazel tone

They sang a song that stole me into a trance

Her gorgeously blue dress danced to the rhythm of her mean walk

It hugged her like a long lost relative

Revealing the outline of her Victoria Secrets

Booty like a Chocolate Peach

Arched into a small waist, abs engraved

Slim torso that seated her medium-sized breasts

She was 5 feet 2 inches of goodness, 135 pounds of gorgeous

And an immeasurable amount of mystery

Artistically designed with symmetrical harmony throughout

Aroused me to the point of my eyes bulging as much as my jeans

I could hear the libido of this lioness growling

Enchanting me with an armor-penetrating stare

Our gravity was intense

We were swallowed in an unspoken dialogue of audible lust

A delicious grin was hibernated on her chin

My curiosity developed an enormous appetite

Grumbling…” How would her skin feel against mine?”

“How does she sound when aroused, and how loud?”

“How tight is it? How warm is she?”

“I wonder if she loves to cuddle”

Thirsty for answers, I chuckle

The silence was so fragile

It was broken with a soft “mnnn” when she slowly approached me

And openly complimented my Black Halo

Bashful, was I, fueled with glee

Requested my name, and I gave

Requested for hers, she replied “Angel…”

Angel in a blue dress…knowing that you’re fly

Modesty filled her face

Damn! I just wanted to cuff her waist

And run my lips into hers like a Linebacker’s Tackle


Whoa! My imagination slowed down, and reality caught up

Still, we thrust seductive gazes into each other’s eyes

Asked if I was single – “yes”

Boomeranged the same question – “indeed, I am”

She was atypical; pocketing a distinct sass appeal

….but there was a blend of serenity in her aura

“Well, look, I don’t wanna waste any more time”

“I wanna get to know you….I feel like we’ve met before, you know what I mean?”

I concur with a head nod

“So, I think it would be appropriate if we meet this evening”

Reached for the phone, surrendered my digits, and captured hers

Supplied a sly glance in between numbers

“Call me around 8”


Eyes said the longest good-bye that I’ve never heard

Heaven-sent and Earth-guided, she walked away

But she saved the last glance for when she reached the exit

Flashed an alluring grin, and became eclipsed by the walls and the passersby

And I sigh, smiling…shaking my head

A gift of love…from another place in time

Will always travel far to find….us

Saturday Morning

You always retain a shard of your child-like essence when you continue to dream…..whether practically or wildly. I heard this instrumental, and what came to my mind was “Saturday Morning”. So I imagined a Saturday Morning from another life that I lived. Whether labeled past or future, it happened in my mind, therefore, it exists. Aside from this playful dream venture, when I look at this video….it reminds me of a motherboard in a machine. I see correlation of the towers. I see correlation of information moving at the speed of light. The digital world is materializing as we complete our orbits around the sun. It fits that I think about the future of civilization as I dream of happiness that lives with it.

My eyes open, sunshine peeking through blinds

Like it wants to say “Hi”, I take a deep sigh

It’s 7:25 and I’m laying beside

A Light Skinned Honey, left thigh over mine

No panties, no bra, big ass, Slow Hands

Moving like a Slow Jam

Woke her up, gotta quickie

Plus a few more hickies…15 …Minutes in the shower

Walked by her, gave a fresh squeeze on her left cheek

Like the orange juice that was fresh squeezed in the next hour

French toast with a bowl of fruit, SpongeBob on the flat screen

And then junior walked in looking half-sleep

….”Rise divine, Young Jedi”, said I

As he was wiping his left eye

Beautify the castle, beginning with the yard, first

Teach my son the definition of hard work

It’s Yoga Fire how we’re Burning off calories

Watering the garden, I mean, the Food Gallery

….Neighbor gave a head nod

Runners pass by the front lawn

Which is getting Cut like a BodyBuilder, sure enough

Worked it out, finished up

My seed started Sh!t-talking on the sly

Started Whooping his ass ….on Marvel vs. Capcom 5

Laughter in our chemistry

Haters off the radar, Miss me with the misery

Mrs. Skywalker and my mini-me

Cuttin’ the Wind in my brand new Infiniti

High off the Imagery, Greeted by the Ocean, so many Waves

Lampin’ in the shade

Toes in the sand, Ice Cubes in my Lemonade

Hey! I gotta say..Today was a Good Day



Today, I prayed for my biological father. This is something profound for me because I can’t recall the last time I’ve prayed for him. I stared at his picture….and I prayed for his spiritual health. I prayed that whatever hurt he has within is dissolved, and that he is released from the bondage the separates him from being fully realized. In spite of the video that I watched yesterday on the power of intention, it made sense that I arrive at this destination. I remember when I was afraid to look at my son; and with practice, I familiarized myself with his face. So as my eyes became consumed with the image of my father, I felt a pulse. There was a reach uncurling out of me towards him as if I was a hand opening or a flower blossoming. And it was so sincere that tears pocketed in my eyelids. I didn’t realize how much I cared. Where was this hiding? No….where was I hiding this? No….why was I tossing so much dirt on this sacred emotion?


Thoughts like “he wouldn’t care anyway, so why tell him?” or “what fruit will come out this? It’s not like it’ll fix the past” But then there’s a deeper fear; an unexpected one that sponsors the other thoughts. “Maybe he will care in the best way imaginable”. Afraid of a love that’s long distant, so I erect walls of devaluation, and close myself off. The words: “I love you” is a small vehicle compared to the action that encompasses the energy. My father and I have always concluded our dialogues with “I love you”. And he’s even looked out for me in the past with free plane tickets, so I could vacate home. Heck, he even visited me and my ex-wife when we were in University Place, WA. It was a good reunion. Even his wife has always extended love to me. My interactions with him during my adulthood did not possess the emotional depth as the ones from my childhood…..


……but it’s never too late to mend your relationships….even after death.


At one time, I was asked: how do you wish to see your Sunrise?

And I replied that I wish to see my Sunrise out of the ocean

And after Swimming through the Blue Skies, I wish to see my Sunset in a forest

In the Far East, I wish to see my Sunrise from mountain tops to skyscrapers

Over pyramids, temples, and desert lands

I wish to see my Sunrise out of the illusions of fear

And hover over Piers; not as a sign of arrogance or superiority

But as a sign of hope and joy through ascension

I wish to see my Sunrise no matter what time it is in the world

Peaking out of the thicket of darkness

If I could just see my Sunrise in a way that I couldn’t imagine

I would surely be proud

Yet no matter how I would wish to see my Sunrise

The cosmos, the Cosmic Oneness that we call God

Will assist my Son by creating the perfect environment

So that my Son can be what he was intended to be…

A star….

If your curiosity is aroused, I wrote this poem….I asked the question…and I answered it

A Taste of Our Sex

Heat of the Moment

We were lounging on the balcony of my hotel room

We soaked in the sounds of the ocean waves

The evening was as cool as our mood

Yet the THC in our blood streams excites the sexual magnetism between us

The coffee table cradles our Legs, which are half as elevated as our sensitivity

We felt a pull in our centers

Pheromones pollute the air in the best way

Cottonmouth behind my lips, yet her pussy lips were wet

Her thighs rubbing against each other

Clitoris now extra sensitive, gently rubbing against the satin-like material of her thong

She ponders “damn, I wonder how big he is!”

She hides her smirking

I observe her

Appreciation fills my heart to the brim

My imagination is visited with an image of my warm hand sliding up her thigh to cuff her ass

My other hand pulling her close into me

Her giggle interrupts my mini-movie

“….what are you thinking about John? And um….be honest” , she grins

I stare biting my bottom lip

My heart quickened

I breathe

“….it’s sexual….and truthfully, I’d rather show you what I saw, rather than tell you”

Her face lights up ecstatically….

She shies her eyes into the distance of the dark sea

Temporary Silence, and a Loud Longing for each other penetrates the moment like a Syringe to a Bubble

She glances back at me

“…..what are you waiting for? I’m right here”

I sway over to her chair

Her eyes lower, chest rises, back arches, and legs open

Her wet Cocoa Flower gave rise to a mesmerizing funk that danced with my senses

It was like hearing your favorite song for the first time

I basked in her scent as the image of us sexing replays from its beginning

The edges of her dress ascend like “the show is about to begin”

Seating my lips on hers


Preludes our heavy breathing

We gasp for air as if there was a vacuum between us

Into each other, we’re absorbed…..Mentally

Shaft pulsates

She pulls from my lips and tells mine “Lets go to the room”

“Yes! She wants this as much me”, I whisper in my mind

I tug her inside

Clothes fell like Meteor Showers

She pushes me on the bed – Mounted

All the while, I admire her slim physique

Wide hips with a chocolate apple bottom

I smack it – it Waves like a Waterdrop to a Pond

Perky breasts with dark nipples eclipse my eyes

I grope her waist, she’s gropes my chest

Fingers removing my underarmour boxer briefs

Again she straddles me

Reaches for my large log – she tugs and strokes lightly

She stares back at me

Smiles metamorph into a biting of bottom lip

It’s a sign that she approves

Her back arches; my helmet  kisses her pussy lips

She slides it across her wetness like a slip’n slide

Eyelids fall




Her pelvis flexes

My stiffness digs deeper

Sliding in smoother and faster

Jaws Extend like Bungie Cords

My inner voice speaks “damn I never knew pain could feel this good”

She speaks “I know, right?”

We smile

She can feel my thoughts….and I can feel hers

We didn’t even speak as the ocean continued to whisper in the distance


Body’s move in synchronicity like two snakes dancing

Heightened moans, rising higher after each breath

Overdosing on pleasure

My emotions say “It’s too much….yet I can’t get enough”

I’m confused, can’t think because Euphoria has drowned logic as my dick dips inside her ocean

In rhythm and grooving to the sounds of soothing waves

Our bodies become fluent with their language

Grinding harder, thrusting deeper as my tongue and lips envelop her nipple

Message of pleasure above my chin

She moans and grins; louder and longer

Deep breath, exhale

Inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale

Big Bang – Explode; she collapses on me

No stopping, I grind on

Motion got slower but intense

Cool breeze swiftly hugs the sweat beads on her back and on my pecs

She slides off

D!ck looks like it was Dipped in Toothpaste

She plants her face in the pillow

Bubble Butt is Elevated like she’s Making a Toast

I mount behind

*Thut, Thut, Thut, Thut, Thut, Tap, Tap, Thut*

Slapping my Meat Stick on her cheeks

Then Slip n’ Slide between her pussy lips which spoke a light, reverberating flatulence

The creamy juices blend with the air in her tender pink cave

As my thickness squeezes the air out

The sound of her holler is a concoction of pain, surprise, and relief wrapped in pleasure…..

Each stab exalts a sound that cracks the silence

And then…I begin to feel like water

Pleasure pulsates from my groin and echoes through my body to the top of my head

She rocks back and forth

Her tender brown bubble butt slaps my thighs

Pleasure pulsates so violently that she cries

Unbearable delight that made her cream uncontrollably

While the Supernova in my groin reacts from the synergistic sauce of arousing imagery, tantric sounds, boiling aromas, and the bubbly sensations

And then…. I pulled out….

…..squeezed and held…..

…..a milk stream expels and lands on the smooth of her cocoa rump shaker

“Breathe, jerk, relax” << said no one but that’s what my body did

She knows I finished

“Don’t move…lemme clean you up”, I utter

I recollect my pearl-like deposits with a napkin; observing her thighs as they resemble rapid micro-quakes

A Coo-like purr is what she sounds off with

Our eyes square off, and our smiles stare at each other until they hugged up close

The ruffling sounds of ocean continues permeating the silence

Her appetite remains conscious as mine

We reach within each other again moving beyond our first taste of the alchemy we cook up