A Universe expressed through a Window of Experience

Saturday Morning

You always retain a shard of your child-like essence when you continue to dream…..whether practically or wildly. I heard this instrumental, and what came to my mind was “Saturday Morning”. So I imagined a Saturday Morning from another life that I lived. Whether labeled past or future, it happened in my mind, therefore, it exists. Aside from this playful dream venture, when I look at this video….it reminds me of a motherboard in a machine. I see correlation of the towers. I see correlation of information moving at the speed of light. The digital world is materializing as we complete our orbits around the sun. It fits that I think about the future of civilization as I dream of happiness that lives with it.

My eyes open, sunshine peeking through blinds

Like it wants to say “Hi”, I take a deep sigh

It’s 7:25 and I’m laying beside

A Light Skinned Honey, left thigh over mine

No panties, no bra, big ass, Slow Hands

Moving like a Slow Jam

Woke her up, gotta quickie

Plus a few more hickies…15 …Minutes in the shower

Walked by her, gave a fresh squeeze on her left cheek

Like the orange juice that was fresh squeezed in the next hour

French toast with a bowl of fruit, SpongeBob on the flat screen

And then junior walked in looking half-sleep

….”Rise divine, Young Jedi”, said I

As he was wiping his left eye

Beautify the castle, beginning with the yard, first

Teach my son the definition of hard work

It’s Yoga Fire how we’re Burning off calories

Watering the garden, I mean, the Food Gallery

….Neighbor gave a head nod

Runners pass by the front lawn

Which is getting Cut like a BodyBuilder, sure enough

Worked it out, finished up

My seed started Sh!t-talking on the sly

Started Whooping his ass ….on Marvel vs. Capcom 5

Laughter in our chemistry

Haters off the radar, Miss me with the misery

Mrs. Skywalker and my mini-me

Cuttin’ the Wind in my brand new Infiniti

High off the Imagery, Greeted by the Ocean, so many Waves

Lampin’ in the shade

Toes in the sand, Ice Cubes in my Lemonade

Hey! I gotta say..Today was a Good Day

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