A Universe expressed through a Window of Experience

In the Absence of Words….

….Music always seems to fill in the blanks. There’s so much criticism against hip hop, and with these types of songs…these type of people…that are captured here, I’m proud to support it. Just hearing the beat brought tears to my eyes. That doesn’t come easy. R&B rarely does it. Gospel has tried, but (finger waves) (smh). Soul more often does. Jazz and lounge, even more. But somehow, hip hop ALWAYS moves me emotionally. I don’t know why, but I always feel the Hip Hop tunes that boom through. In this song, the Drums Kick like an Unborn Child as the melody massages my tensions to loosen me up. I was moved to the end of streams deploying from my eyes. And as a dessert, the words were served so smoothly and complimentary. I see places that I’ve never visited when I hear this song; places uncharted yet familiar. I feel revitalized as I digest. This is music that I would even create if I were a beatmaker. This weakened me like Kryptonite, and strengthened me like Solar energy. I hear hope in the strings. The aroma of notes makes this entire song seem like garden. And as I listened….the garden extended…..


The MC’s name is Asheru. For those who are estranged to who Asheru is, he’s the first voice you hear when The Boondocks’ opening. And what  I love even more are the respects paid to the true ambassadors of conscious, positive hip hop.

It’s just incredible what She…..Hip Hop…..does to me. And she appreciates what I do for her. I’ll let her tell you in the next one.




So even in my sh!tty moods, music seems to be a life-force that fosters my health. Music is my air. Music is my substance. And in the absence of words, it fills in the spaces that cannot be captured by words. And in the presence of words…music seems to peaks at volumes that silences words. Hip hop is not dependent on words. It is a flavor of life. And sometimes, a delectable doesn’t require words for presentation….listen, vibe, cry, smile….because these three have inspired my freedom in doing so.


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