A Universe expressed through a Window of Experience

Great Souls See Alike


Today was a great exhibition of family time. Samario was our guest, and was considered an honorary family member. My mother always supplied hints about his character; stating “Eric, he reminds me so much of you. I’m telling you! You two would get along great!” My level of astonishment is for how well my mother knows me is unquestionably high. Some people have an expectation of mothers not realizing that not all women are passionate about this state of being. Speaking to Samario was a mirror match minus the combat action. We cradled the same ideals and personality traits, and yet, here is our first interaction! I saw so much of myself in him. The chemistry was a sign of cohesion. It was all love. There was a mutual acceptance of all energies; the atmosphere embodied a small pond positivity.

We began the symbiosis with some palm reading. My little brother jested at me for asking if I can read Samorio’s palm. It was the 2nd thing that spilled from my mouth when I spoke to him. I pride myself in knowing that I’m one of the few people in the entire world who can greet someone by saying “hi…um…can I read you palm?” After calling off his attributes, we hopped in a rabbit hole of dialogue. He confirmed a lot of my readings. He figured that since my mother spoke about him that most of my readings were founded from what she said about him. This was a fair assumption, of course. His palm revealed to me that he would stop working before 35, and that he loves autonomy, solitude, and inner peace. Later on in our dialogue (while speaking about Capitalism and the government regime) he announced his ambitions of retiring by 30 in an isolated location (an island of some sort). He confirmed much more of my readings, which vitalized some satisfaction within me. The meeting that we inherited is not an offspring of chance or luck; and we both knew this. My mother’s energy and his we’re of a matching signature – being in the same environment, we were bound to commune together. Indeed this wasn’t a typical interaction.

He carried a familiar contentment in his disposition as we delved into the mysteries of life using film, video game, and book references. Even the way he expressed himself was of a related bearing to mine. We were building our knowledge bases. For me, those are some of the best conversations. Everyone cannot chime in the stuff that I’m truly elevates my interests. Before Samario, there was Theron. I’ve always know Theron through Camp Arifjan’s Poetry Night Crew. He and I knew of each other, but never really got close enough to build with each other. We were assembled through a friend (Taahira), and we instantly bonded. It was perfection! We had a carpool of many interests. He was the one who plugged me into Dr. Malachai York, The Legacy of Black Gods, and Dr. Delbert Blair. It was one of the most enlightening relationships that I’ve come across, and meeting Samario was a resurrection of that enlightenment. We were speaking on subjects of spirituality, secret societies, esoteric sciences, life’s purpose, being different, the relevance of imagination, unearthing hidden potential. The conversation was just full of wonder and depth. We didn’t talk about daily life or other people, but rather the bigger picture as we analyzed pieces of an obscure puzzle. We were on the same flight; especially when he aroused my curiosity with the mention of quantum jumping. It was a fascinating concept that aroused my conscience. The reality that there are many versions of ourselves co-existing in this moment of now is one that’s not foreign to me. For him to speak on it, just confirms how self-conscious and open minded he is. He meditates. He visualizes. He writes… like me. He was dripping with powerful information, and at such a young age (23 yrs old). Samario is clearly a radical thinker with loose grasp on his intuition. We had pages of resemblances in character and vices; it was soothing and exciting at the same time. I’m not implying that we’re clones, but when two souls see alike, the “we” becomes unified as one “eye”. Our rapport was merely a testament of clarity.

We meet people all the throughout this enduring voyage; and if we’re sensitive enough, we become cognizant of the other person’s nature. We sense how their auric field affects ours. Let’s hold this example. A warm-hearted intelligent soul enters a room and sits down next to another of their likeness. They communicate with each other, and it’s an enriching relationship; even if it’s just 10 minutes. One of them leaves. A few minutes later a cold-natured, fairly educated, and uncultured soul sits down. They’re nonresponsive to each other at first. The cold-natured person feels warmer, and develops the impulse to be social while the warm-hearted soul is now repulsed as he responds succinctly. The warm-hearted soul shifts into an irate and stiff disposition. Because these auric energies have blended into an exotic smoothie, these two are no longer the same person they were before their interaction.

So just because you feel better being around a positive spirit, doesn’t imply that the positive spirit feels the same about you; they can change because of you.

Samario introduced to a lot of information that was worthy of researching. He plugged me into a movie called “1984” by George Orwell, which I’ll be watching that today on YouTube. I previewed it, and so far I’m intrigued.

At the conclusion of the day, I had to give my mother a warm, tight hug. Family, friends, dinner, dessert, wine and exotic conversation mixed with laughter = a great present! And it was all authentic. It was just revitalizing. This was just what I needed to take my mind off of the perceived inadequacies in my life. My sister even chanted “Mom! Wow…you know your kids! Eric and him are just alike” This may not be extraordinary to most, but when you meet someone who mirrors you more than alters you, it’s almost like eating a Sensu Bean (for all the DBZ fans out there who feel me). This is not a rendition that opposes opposites, because people of other natures can alter you to the point of expanding your consciousness and compassion for others. It’s a profound appreciation for the simple things.

~Condemn no one, and move away from those whom don’t align with your soul’s purpose. It’s ok to say “no, but thank you” because all of life, every soul, every essence… is a gift. And you are free to receive and refuse these gifts as you are to give and withhold them~

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