A Universe expressed through a Window of Experience

The Cure


A little black boy so innocent and imaginative

Caught in the Web of Tragic

Where’s Spiderman?

Mama and pop are entangled in a struggle

Call the Police”, yells mama

Don’t do it”, screams Pop, the Rolling Stone Scorpio

Whom Stung his son for the first time

Heart and mind now flooded with so much Venom

Dripping with paralysis, Body Stands Steel

A Hard Life, indeed

As thoughts at the speed of light raced through

Fast enough to be caught, and slow enough to not keep

Eyes wide at the sight of a ripped dress

On the woman in distress, hands possessed, making an arrest

Is my Papa, the Hero, and Mama… the Criminal?

Heart so Broke, I mean, it doesn’t make Sense

Doesn’t even Smell close to a Fairytale

Is this like the Fairytales that you never read to me, pop?

You know, to help your son exercise his imagination

To tell him that he can do anything as long as he believes

…..This is how the story goes, huh, pop?

The father betrays the son

Acting all Machine-like, T-900 type

But doesn’t have it in him to say “I’ll be back”

I wonder now, more than ever, how you really felt about our separation

How did you feel about my absence?

Were you numb?

Did it feel like the World was on your Shoulders?

Did it feel like I was on your Shoulders?

Maybe it did, and you just Shrugged it off

But did the reality Cave you in, burying you in a Casket of thoughts?

Why is it that I’m 28yrs old, and I can’t remember you ever calling just to say:

“It’s ok, son. I’m going to fix this. It’s not your problem, it’s mine”

“Just keep in mind that everything you will ever need is within you”

“I can’t help you to use your superpowers now, but know that they are there”

“Just believe in yourself the way that I believe in you”

Is that too much?

We didn’t have to talk for a full minute

I just needed some basic instructions

Just wanted to know how long I’d have to wait for you before I should move on

I’ve been here for 20+ years, in the dark

At the same place you left me….in that house

With the decision to either call the police

Or allow you to hurt my mother

Did you ever think about what it felt like to be me looking at you beat her?

Did you ever think to ask how I ever viewed you?

Rolling Stone Scorpio

I’ve read that you’re the Most Self Destructive of all Zodiacs

Suicidal, Stabbing yourself with your own Stinger

Getting Drunk off of your own Venom

Until you’re Numb

And now, after 20+ years

I still feel your Numbness in my Veins

…..Like father like son, they say

And here I am…

…..Looking at my son like he’s an abomination

The same look that you gave me when I was his age

He’s there, and I’m here

When WE should be there, and WE should be here

And it’s harder when the illusion of separation is closer to me than unity

I mean, you….

Without the N-I-T….Why….Just Tired of Sick

And Sick of Feeling Nothing

Emotionally Dead

Steady Coffin… Empty words that

Sought to hug me through the phone when we spoke

But now

That’s the lesson I’ve been teaching my son…the least

I used to Wish-Fully, and feel-Lesser

Isn’t my ignorance incredible?

Knowledge is Edible, and seemingly, I’ve been Fasting for years

Repressing how I’ve always felt about you

Why didn’t I ever call?

I mean, after feeling your abysmal absence for so long

…..I was too deep in doubt

I know I could’ve called whenever

And I know that I could’ve told you that I cried when I felt like

You were Broken and Replaceable

Feeling so ashamed of you that I became ashamed of myself

Treating my son in a way that I wouldn’t wish on another

Blinded by Illusions in the form of Stunna Shades

To keep me looking too Cool for hypocrisy

You never taught me how to emotionally connect with a responsible man

So I just accepted this disease of irresponsibility that you gave me

And I almost gave my son the same thing

(sighs) I was just writing you to let you know that I’ve been working on a cure

Been feeling like a Mutant ever since I was a child

And now, I’m finally controlling my superpowers, pop

I’m beginning to remember who I am

….And I just thought that I’d let you know

That you are free to be proud of me

But…be proud only when you’ve seen it for yourself

I wrote this in the body of a man, but with the heart of the child that will forever live in it.

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