A Universe expressed through a Window of Experience

Gratitude-like Attitude


You can either count your blessings or your problems. Counting your blessings causes your problems to shrink. When we don’t count our blessings, they disappear from our mind. Although they are still there, if we don’t think about them, we forget about them. Count your blessings and your problems. If your problems out number your blessings count again. Chances are the things you take for granted were not added. Each day you need to remind yourself of your blessings to keep them active in your mind. We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. ~ Yasmin Shahnan

This inspired me to speak to Cosmic One; the All That Is…..

Thank you

For the technology that’s in our home that helps us advance our objectives

And for facilitating a home with food in it; and thank you for our secure environment

Thank you for the means to keep our lights on and the heat blowing when it’s cold

I thank you for our comforts and for healing us in our times of sickness

I thank you for our strengths, and the awareness to transcend the illusion of weakness

I thank you for every day that the sun is able to touch my skin

And that the birds are able to chant their mantra

I thank you for the acres of radiant green that I see on cloudless days

And the rain the nourishes them on the gloomy ones

I thank you for the degree of safety that lives in Moultrie’s public schools

I appreciate this body you’ve given me

Thank you for my physical wellness

Thank you for repelling negative people out from my sphere of influence

Thank you for the clothes that I wear

Thank you for the money that’s in the bank account that I manage

Even though it’s not of larger abundance, I have something to sustain me in the things I seek to accomplish

Thank you for sending Patrick into my life; the wisdom, the nature and the simplicity that dwells within him has been light to my soul

Thank you for giving me the words and the experience to complete this sophomore mixtape

Thank you for the graphic designer and the inspirations to create the covers

Thank you for the ideas to propel me in a direction towards joy, happiness, peace, balance and abundance

Thank you for “the Core”

And I appreciate the nature that supports every positive aspect of my living conditions

I thank you for the job opportunity that you allowed me to ask for

Thank you for my inner vision, and thank you for the degree of clarity and awareness that I experience

Thank you for for being you, so that I may be me

Thank you for the grace that I exhibit

Thank you for the wisdom that I am

Thank you for the will that flows within and around me

Thank you for all of the books that I have digested

Thank you for delivering the women I have prayed for

And for granting me the power to love them as I did

Thank you for being patient when I am unclear and distracted

Thank you for receiving my form of gratitude

Thank you for the music that I digest and share

Thank you for helping me maintain a healthy relationship with my son’s mother

Thank you for the wellness of my nephews

Thank you for my mother’s youthfulness

Thank you for the safety of Xavier, Sarya, Reka and her newborn

Thank you for allowing me to know my biological father’s name, face, and his presence

Thank you for the courage to face doubts

And the freedom to choose when to accept them

Thank you for the bike

Thank you for repairing my studio equipment

And even though the world could be in a better condition, thank you for the way it is now because it has been through worst because of us

Thank you for the warm love that dances through our home

Thank you for the past 2 years – financially, career-wise, and soulfully

Thank you for sending me the friends that I’ve met in this journey

Thank you for healing all enemies known and unknown

Thank you for the gifts of love that you gave others to share with me

Thank you for uniting me with Ayana Ashanti

Thank you for the sense of accountability/awareness that I possess

Thank you for safeguarding Eric Bishop after all of these years

Thank you for guiding him through his healing process

Thank you for stabilizing Corey’s marriage

Thank you for the joys that I feel and the depressions that help to define them

Thank you for the natural toothpaste

Thank you for uniting Lonyetta with a man with whom she has commonalities and parallel purpose

Thank you for granting the safety of her daughter

Thank you for bringing Komonte to this destination of our lifetime

Thank you for my liberty in laughing and smiling whenever I sense it

Thank you for the upgrades in the car rentals

And for the low-priced debt for the tolls that I violated

Thank you for my lessons learned and the lessons I’ve yet to learn

Thank you for the absence of worry and anxiety in my life

Thank you for my ability to feel and my degree of vulnerability

Thank you for my sense of humor

Thank you for the “Black Power Documentary”

And the wealth of knowledge within me

Thank you for my access to the Internet

Thank you delivering me from my drug addiction

Thank you for every soul that understands me

Thank you for keeping Corey’s mother alive despite her traumatic experience

Thank you for calling me to this destination

Thank you for the means to furnish this house…and Reka’s

Thank you for helping Xavier develop his speech

Thank you for shining your light through him so that I may appreciate another aspect of you

Thank you for the massage and the conscious experience I encountered in Jacksonville

Thank you for the Kuwait ciphers and the views on YouTube for “Matrix”

Thank you for the artistic contacts

Thank you for the quality of weed that I smoke

Thank you for showing your sense of humor

Thank you for always encouraging me even when I deny it

Thank you for guiding me to comprehension when I feel disconnected

Thank you for always responding

Thank you for granting me the Section Supervisor promotion back in Sept 2011

Thank you for Josephine Walters

Thank you for the visions of possibility

Thank you for the recollections and the déjà vu experiences

Thank you for the high vibrations

Thank you for my safe arrival to every location I’ve ever been too and will be at

Thank you for breath and my long winded writing skills

Thank you for every answer for a problem

And for the problems that I have yet to answer

And for the gravity that helps me bring all creations into their form

Thank you

….to be continued

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