A Universe expressed through a Window of Experience

A Taste of the Post Traumatic Sexist Disorder from a Feminist



She’s been fighting tirelessly for so long against what appears to be an endless sea of controlling, egomaniacal, manipulative and oppressive men. Yet she crosses paths with a male who actually understands her struggle – she combats him, unapologetically. “It’s a disguise. He’s just like one of them – he’s bound to reveal his true identity”. She assumes defense mode impulsively as she struts forth antagonizing him as if he was a soldier in the Army of Irresponsible Men that antagonizes her. The illusion of the enemy is what she paints on him with her imagination. He’s camouflaged, yes, but she’s the artist. But she’s not to blame – she’s reacting to buzz words emitting from his tongue based on his gender-association. Post Traumatic Sexist Disorder. Its women like her that has the most difficulty trusting a man. She’s been misunderstood for so long, that she has no room from understanding men like him. She knows nothing about him, and doesn’t care. The battle ended before it even begun because he wasn’t there to fight. She dismantles his words and mannerisms with surgical-precision with the intention to expose him. Yet all the while, he expressed his neutrality and understanding for her cause. “Friendly fire”, this has become. He sought to remove the camouflage paint that she guised him with in order to bring clarity. And when it was finally removed…. he left…as she continued to pawn him off as weak and unworthy instead of realizing that he’s not a warmonger or a warfighter. He fashions his inner peace….by choice. He’s a revolutionary, just like her – just a different breed. He’s the Buddha, Gandhi, Mandela, King Jr. and she’s the Malcolm, Huey P., Angela Davis. She says “men are intimidated by women like me”….he says “I don’t have time to war with hyper-vigilant women” She’s been fighting her oppressors for so long that she’s mirrored them. But, tell her that and she will assume defense mode, justifying her tactics, I mean actions….just like her oppressors.

And both, her and her oppressors tell me that if I don’t stand for something, I will fall for anything….
The other alternative is that I rise above the battleground


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