A Universe expressed through a Window of Experience

Skin Colorful Song


It’s astounding

She loves the Sound of Brown Skin

Her Eyes Listen to my Mahogany Tone

Replaying my Flesh in her Mind’s Radio


I’m a Chocolate Symphony

Sweet Melodic, Super Sonic


Loves how I move her in ways

That makes her lick her lips as she Waves

And then she bit her bottom lip

No Questions asked, but she said “yes”

With her Head Nodding

To my Dark…Rhythm

And in an instant, I became her Favorite

Asked me if she could download me on her Playlist

And how my Genre is underappreciated

And that I’m Sonic Booming cuz I’m Melanin Bass’d

I grace her, with the Vibrations of my Brown, which had her Gyratin’

A Smooth Hue that inspired her thigh-shaking

She said “boy, you’re a Freak…Quency that I can Vibe with!”

But her inner world is Silent when she closes her eyelids

Yet, she says even my Black Halo is Vibrant

Indeed, I am Enlightened

Bright Mind, Dark Flesh, Walking Contradiction

Listen to the Coolness of my Shade

As you put on your Shades

And Jazz to my Earth Tone

Yea, I’m that Underground Sound

Many say that’s Deep

But beneath my Smoky Resonance is a Ruby Jacuzzi Flow

Pumping from that Red Lantern in my Chest

And it sets, the Tempo of my Temple

It’s that Biological Drum

That Microphone between my Pectorals

Letting you know that my Cardiovascular is Oral when it Beats

What I mean is that I Speak from the Heart

No Words, No Letters, just Note after Note

Yet, we all Play this Common Tune

And even though this woman loves the Sound of my Brownness

What matters most is that we all exist Harmoniously

As one never-ending, ever-changing, colorful, perfect song

John Nicholson (c) 2012

Illustration via Sion Tamu

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