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To Support Trayvon Martin…or to Pose as Trayvon Martin?

Ok, so this Trayvon Martin movement…I wasn’t going to say much on it…I figured it was another trend that was going to subside. But now…after seeing so many HOODIES, SKITTLE PACKS, AND ARIZONA CANS….(smh) silence, a friend who never betrays, has betrayed me.

Can we consider the facts of the case? I’m quite sure many of you did your homework..and I applaud you. But did Trayvon get shot because he was black…in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the relatively “wrong person”? Suspicion huh? Perception is 9/10ths of the law of truth – so they say. We observe the world according to what we’ve been conditioned to see, rather than what we FULLY see. Is this about racial profiling? You know…”the image of a criminal”? What are you all angry about? You care enough about this “image” to PROMOTE IT??! Is this really smart? To instill more fear into the community. Oh, I guess hoodies at night are less threatening now that EVERYONE’S WEARING THEM. (smh) Some us live in impoverished areas where the hoodie is the common wear for theft, rape, and violence. But aye…glorify it….everyone knows what’s implied when its worn right?

People have spent all this money on custom made hoodies, skittles, gas money (to make it to the protest arena – oh, and gas aint cheap!), poster signs, markers, banners, and Arizona Ice Teas…..um, that money could’ve went to the family! Who’s gonna pay for the funeral?! We couldnt donate that money to the family?! Nope…we decided to selfishly spend the money on ourselves….and take pictures to SHOW OUR AWARENESS AND SUPPORT. Hmmmnn (squints eyes)

So! Thanks to the celebs that prosper off of “image”, we, as a people, decided to go about the case as if it were a trend. I’m not criticizing the case nor Trayvon, but our METHODS! I mean the hypocrisy…and few see it! Black on black crime is placed on the backburner now that someone of ANOTHER RACE has killed one of our own. We only care about the deceased when they’re murdered by someone OUTSIDE of our race – especially if it’s law enforcement – we hold them to a double standard! And this wasnt even a real cop? But yet we’re posing as if “we” are the victims?! Saying “when will it end”? – but it begins with YOU! Some of the people in these photos are NOT black and will never have to experience what Trayvon experienced because they’re a bit more fortunate to be less subjected to “racial profiling”. Are you a young black male with a hoodie? Are you suspected by law enforcement when you walk out at night? Is your neighborhood flooded with police brutality incidents? Inquire the statistics of your area before you answer because I’m very serious……you should really look at this movement in context because what happened does not apply to everyone….although…everyone is affected in some way…..

Our means in expressing the injustice imposed on Trayvon Martin and his family, has exceeded the context in which it formed. Some of you are asking: “Am I next?” “Some of you are saying “I am Trayvon Martin”. << Are you implying that YOU are a victim of racial profiling? If you do not fit the “profile” then dammit you shouldn’t act like you’re a victim! Or maybe…some of you are….victims of a LACK of attention. Why are you supporting and what are YOU seeking out of this? What will give you peace? What is your idea of peace, and do you know how to get it? In order to receive peace, you gotta be willing to give it!! In order to receive justice…you need to GIVE IT! What type of justice have you given lately? If it was recent, don’t STOP! But don’t ask for recognition either…..the justice itself is enough….IF…that was your objective.

Lastly….the vigilante is still on the loose….probably wearing a hoodie to ensure that nobody sees him – thats what I’d do if I were him, since EVERYONE ELSE IS WEARING THEM! And people are so outraged (minus those who are imitating outrage) that they may just kill this guy on site! And guess what? The one who retailates MAY….BE….BLACK! Then what message is sent to the media? To the family? To the KIDS!? To the justice department? To the world? Do you think that CIVILIANS are gonna detain this guy (in lack of proper training), and properly turn him in to the law enforcement authority for trial? Maybe……at least without abusing him physically and psychologically, huh? Now, yes…I’m guilty of assumption on the previous. But these assumptions are based on common behavioral patterns of “ANGRY BLACKS”. << Yea, that can be a stereotype…call it what you want, but it apparently serves its purpose in this Ethnic Melting Pot called “America”: the land of the free and the home of the slaves. The vigilante is subject to a due process, yes….but there is a practical way to go about this. We are more concerned about what “shouldve been done” rather than correcting the issues….and the issues are internal and individualistic. They are inherited views that people continue to project “unconsciously”. I asked a long time ago….”what is justice?” Few answered – too busy taking pictures and posting them on facebook to make the movement about THEM! (or living life – [shrugs]). I’m not judging anyone….these are observations – critical ones. It’s a eyeful to see people uniting for the sake of resolving justice – but what is the resolution? What was the objective? What will give you peace? Are you now afraid of cops now? Are you going to judge mall cops and security guards now? Shouldnt we be afraid of the “next man” in a hoodie, rather than the law enforcement and security agencies? The community is still vulnerable; and we’ve just provided our lurking criminals with a playground in which to dance away gracefully and leave the REAL law enforcers confused – which will make you more distraught because youll expect them to be more aware than you. But you helped to cause the confusion! Ever played Assassin’s Creed? Note how the assassin blends…..with….the public….

I say all this to level down to this:
Sharing your PICTURE IS IRRELEVANT TO THE CRIME COMMITTED! And if we are going to protest…dont come as TRAYVON MARTIN! Don’t come as a VICTIM! Don’t come with PROPS! Stand as YOU ARE! With YOUR GOVERNMENT NAME! Stand STRONG…NOT VICTIMIZED. Ask yourself the questions posed….and if you’re posing….stop….the spirit of Trayvon Martin is still alive…observing….you….all of us. And we’ve yet to realize that he’s not sadden by his circumstance. Why would he be? He’s liberated from this life to move on……hopefully. If we allow him to rest in peace without impersonating him.

Hate me or love me….but your love for me will prosper regardless.

God Speed everyone. (drops bullhorn) [comments and rants are welcome]

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