A Universe expressed through a Window of Experience

A Sea of Silk Sheets

We decided to go Skinny Dipping in a Sea of Silk Sheets

I wasn’t surprised to see that the only thing Wet was….her Lips

….And mine

As we, Drowned in the Sounds of Heavy Breathing

Goodbye World, Hello Heaven

…Ahem…that’s her Maiden Name

And she’s so magnificent that I forgot her First Name

Yet I’m awe-stricken that her touch is unforgettable

Memorable cuz they stay Stuck On me like Post-Its

…Talk about Constant Reminders

But not the Nagging-type

More like the Cure to my A.D.D; I’m Focused!

But, I’m not Bragging, aight?

I’m not Air Headed, just a little Big Headed

Cuz she Educates the Genius below my waist

By whispering Sweet Knowledge in my ear

So…I’m Learning my Lessons while Studying her Visage

Till we’re Passing Glances, and Graduating with Class

Towards the next Degree of passion and lust

Involving Elevated Legs, Emotional Highs

Dirty Talking, Name Calling, and Soundless Explosions

……Till all that remains are two seemingly lifeless bodies

…Soaking Wet…in a Sea of Silk Sheets

John Nicholson (c) Oct 2011

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