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ToPay or not Toupee (The Government Shutdown Conspiracy)

I’m not an economist, a bureaucratic guru, nor am I a political expert; truth be told I didn’t even vote in the last election (I hate politics!). But, I do reserve some love and respect for Obama. However, I am a U.S. Army Veteran, a U.S. taxpayer, a father, a son, an African American, a poet, an MC, and I am a compassionate human being with many other titles. What does this have to do with the 2011 Government Shutdown (which is/was not official as of 7 April 2011)? Quite a bit; it means that I have an opinion! So, of course I’m going respectfully lay down my $2.25 as a charitable donation to infamous “public opinion” that the U.S. government values so much.

And take note, that the value of this $2.25 is subjective to the individual. You know…inflation and sh!t, since the American dollar has little or no backing anymore. (deep sighs)

Since I’m over here in Kuwait, and I don’t watch much television nor enslave my eyes to newspaper articles, I have to rely on my Facebook friends, local word of mouth, company-provided car radio, occasional emails, and my God-inherited, psychically channeled, intuition for worldly news. On April 8, 2011 (Kuwait is 7 hours ahead of America – ya’ll were still in April 7, 2011), I discovered through a few of my friends (and an Facebook event invitation called “Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act of 2011”) that Congress has been debating on a new budgeting plan in order to lowering the perpetually growing federal deficit. (pause)…it’s been decades and they’re still doing this? (Deep sighs – patience) And if you didn’t know, our government has had a long marriage with this deficit. It’s sort of like the wife that was once the finest thing in a town of 40,000 people, but then she got unfathomably huge within a 10-year time span. Well, multiply that by 20, and you get the woman we have today which we call “the national deficit”.

And lemme tell ya, she is not that pretty thang that all the peeps used to trip, fall, and dirty their pants legs for.

Since our “government” is legally bound (and when I say legally bound, I mean married) to the national deficit, they’re gonna do whatever it takes to preserve the relationship; for better or for worse, remember? And by preserve, I mean “lower her weight”….which is about 14 TRILLION!!!


….Dollars that is.

A very short history lesson is in order. Between 1775 and the new millennium, the government accrued a 7 trillion dollar deficit. Metaphorically speaking, Mrs. National Deficit was unspeakably large, due to a high volume of government spending. Then she gained another 7 trillion within 10 years!! GODDAMN! I know folks was like “how…what did….aw hell naw! This is ridiculous. Now who doubles their weight in shorter time like this?! Dayuuum!”

 This spending of course couldn’t have occurred without the help of our banks, whom loan the money. And of course, our banks gotta make their money too; that’s right folks… “interest” (cha-ching). And the more money loaned, the more interest accrued; and the more interest accrued, the higher your debt! So the government owes money; and since the taxpayers (American citizens) give the government so much power to manage the money that they take from them, the people are susceptible to the whims of its government – Almost like the Libyan Rebels are to Muammar Gaddafi. Eventually, you’ll fight back, but then of course…the government owns all of these entities that are highly trained to calm your ass down. In this instance, Kanye West’s song comes to mind:

No one man should have all that power!!

And no one man does, it’s a large group of men (and women) having an orgasmic orgy within this organism called the government, which supposedly exists FOR the people. Often, we (the people) feel like we’re getting f*#&’ed more than they are when it comes to decisions that affect the masses. But that’s how relationships go sometimes. Anyway, I’m straying off, and I’m appearing to show some signs of resentment towards this often unsentimental political machine. I’m just having fun, don’t mind me.

Overall, the government creates this beast of a wife (Mrs. National Deficit), and has been trying to bring her back to her original state since the marriage started. But as problems affect the country, indirectly, it affects her. And when she’s affected, we’re affected because the government has a great love for her; they love her so much that they’ll tax the hell out of the American citizens who support her, and deny government funding to programs that support us. Including payroll to the federal employees who operate the federal facilities that support its people!

 This past Sunday (April 3, 2011…I think), the media gods received word that Congress is opting for a Government Shutdown. I made a Facebook post regarding this travesty:

The politicians who MANAGE taxpayers money are denying federal services to taxpayers? Wow! My love goes out to the servicemen and federal employees who will be paying the politicians to CUT THEIR DAMN CHECK! Yea, that’s [a] righteous transaction of American commerce (sarcasm). And their [service members] paycheck is still going to reflect a federal and state tax deduction AFTER their pay is cut?!! (smh)….praying the shutdown flops.

Followed by a self commentary of:

Although I understand that this is a very difficult decision-making process, even personal budgeting is difficult; doing it for billions of people who depend on certain programs in order to sustain is a great responsibility. Every program can’t be funded if we are cognizant of our income. Shutting down (federally) cuts off revenue from billion dollar-revenue services, yet taxpayers still provide the federal government income?! That’s like telling your roommates (who contribute to household income) to not work until you (the head of household) can develop a budget [in order] for you all to live. These left and right wings are so stubborn minded with their political ideologies that they’re putting themselves in a corner; afraid [or unwilling] to betray their political views at the expense of families (scoffs). Lord, please gives us a resolution because a [federal] shutdown aint it

Each year brings its traumatic incidents. And this one is no exemption to chain of outrageous dramas that are being manifested. I truly do pray that a resolution is found. I’ve already heard reports of service members having a decrease in the pay from DFAS (the military’s payroll organization). Furthermore, while working at the yard (alongside with my military affiliates in digital fatigues), I hear that morale has already took an imitation of a Jackass Skydiver without a Parachute holding a 50 lb dumbbell. Morale in the armed forces is definitely singing Alicia Keys’ first hit single….Fallin’. I can imagine the same in the other federal service organizations. It’s commonly said that service members live paycheck to paycheck. So although those overseas (or within the continental US) will be accommodated (if you’re on a military installation), there are many debts/bills to be paid and bellies to be fed; yet what about those living off post? That means the housing allowance and the food allowance is gone, let alone the base pay. And I can’t quite imagine the creditors being compassionate about this circumstance – these folks are gonna want their money! On the other hand, they may be willing to extend payment dates until this issue is resolved. I can also imagine some sort of memo going out to the creditors to exempt these federal employees from payment. Sort of like an “I O U”. And again, not only is the military affected, but the policemen, firefighters, IRS, TSA, and many other Constitutionally-bound entities whose employees depend on federal funding to facilitate a living standard for their families. Yet, the government expects its “assets” to perform up to excellence? That’s borderline human trafficking right there! That’s pimping on another level!! Maybe I’m exaggerating. It’s only because I’m considering how unjust this is. The families contribute to this staggering American economy, and hence, this “shutdown” may damage the state of the country in more ways than one. I’m theorizing, of course, and there are obviously a lot of unknowns here, and often…the unknowns stir fear into the hearts of man. And when a man gets fearful, a man gets desperate. 800,000 jobs [poof]…as if the unemployment rate was making a change in direction. What about the military, firefighter’s and law enforcement’s families who depend on the taxpayers money to sustain as many other taxpayers? What does the government expect out of the economy when a large portion of American consumers are being held captive in this desolate realm of financial inactivity? You’re supposed to let the dollar circulate; let that shallow, bad boy breathe life into America’s commercial machine. A government shutdown doesn’t grant the flexibility, nor does it buy time. Money has got to shift. Currency requires a bit of a flow; and this move is going to place some black holes in the already crumbling economical foundation of America. The butterfly effect does apply ya know? And why don’t the politicians receive any personal financial burden from this decision?

One thing is certain, a decision will be made, and there will be martyrs. Will it be the American people or Mrs. National Deficit? <<< She plays a major part of this problem ya know. I don’t think this so called “power move” will benefit the government. If they need time to form a budget that should’ve been formed decades ago, then they need to maintain their pace, and target other areas of lucrative spending. What’s the true agenda of our American government? Questions…answers….beef….chaos. One will lose their hair in the ambience of all of this stress. So the question is Americans….

Should the government continue to Pay out to its federal entities and rake in some dire revenue, or should they call a platoon halt in hopes to conduct a federal reset in budgeting? What are your thoughts?

By the way…I did mention I’m not an economist so, bring me up to speed if I misconstrued some information.

      Last thing….keep the change… $

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