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Cosmic Hug (God’s Family Reunion)

I know it’s been a few centuries since I’ve delivered some words to the Skywalker Universe. It’s been more desolate and barren than an 80 yr Old Infertile Egyptian Woman. So, now I’m ready to impregnate this place with a few of my children aka “the words”. Prophecies have been written that the gods of Skywalker Universe will abandon its children as a test of strength, diligence, patience, and courage. They called this “The Bastard Age”. The people have protested, gone to war, destroyed monuments and statues, and cursed the heavens for their “Dead Beat Daddy” behavior. I mean, talk about attention-seeking! They’ve scribed on tablets that one day, the gods will return, and fill the Skywalker Universe with life once again. No emails. No letters. No intuitive voicemails. Not even a text message with a Sideways Letter “V” and the Number 3

After centuries of living like Charlie Murphy in a Batman Costume (Complete Darkness)… 

(uber-deep voice)

……the prophecy is NOW….FULFILLED!

The End.




…..Ok, now I know you saw the rest of the words at the bottom before you read the top; so you’ve guessed as much. I’m gonna give a little more attention to this blog today. But please, feel free to play along with the theme, because there’s nothing wrong with a dash of light humor and glee. So yea, I took a hiatus from the Skywalker Universe. Eh, as much as I desire to write, I also feel like (shrugs) who cares. Motivation can either be intrinsic or extrinsic. Often, I look for it extrinsically (as implied by Mark Twain in “What is Man?”). Despite the realization that I don’t write for the world, I write for myself. So, the lack of attention that this blog received was doubled after I realized that my visitor’s count was more unstable than the Nuclear Reactors in Japan after the March Earthquake. I’ve decided, to man up, and give my Skywalker Universe some love, and stop Withholding my thoughts. Allow me to make a Deposit like a Surrogate Father.

Much has happened outside of the universe, and I’m not gonna dig into the details because that’s more digging than a Grave Digger on RedBull would wanna do. Maybe one day the Lost Chapters will be recovered, but for now, I just wanna touch on this Cosmic Hug concept that lingered in my mind yesterday while eating at Ruby Tuesdays. By the way, their Asian Glazed Salmon is explosive! OMG! (salivates and pauses) Ok, lemme focus. So yea, while gracefully indulging in this Asian inspired-delectable, I was reflecting on my inherent desire to hug my son in the future. This desire to hug my son was very relative to my desire to blog in the Skywalker Universe; of course, I repressed my emotions and desire in order to um… “stay strong”.

Liar…. <<< True Story

So, I was picturing the moment where I would one day hug my son after months (it’s only been since Xmas 2010) of distance. I was captivated by the vision that I had in my mind. I wondered if I was exaggerating this fantasy, or if this is how it would be; like a Premonition. Then I applied my vision to the universe; the development of the hug – the process – the journey into its conclusion. It’s an extraordinary concept, really. Think about one of those moments where an unrehearsed, passionate hug took place. Don’t focus on the end result, but the process that gave birth to the end result. I give much attention to the process because that’s what Life is, in my perspective, a process – an experiment. Yet we often give more relevance to the destination as if, once reached, life stops there; as if the exclamation point is placed at the end of this life sentence. Now, I’m not talking about one of those cordial, obligated, “hey, how-ya-doing?-I-haven’t-seen-you-in-a-while-because-we’re-not-that-close; but-I-wanna-be-nice-because-I’m-diplomatic-and-diplomatic-people-preserve-their-peace” type of hugs. It’s so refreshingly perplexing how we desire to become one with those whom we love intensely. I mean those who bring excitement to our lives upon visual contact:

(in African American, Hood, New Yorker voice)

“…we haven’t even TOUCHED, and I’m ready to explode, son!! Word is James Bond, ya dig?! Cuz I got that real love for ya. Pure 100%; Non-manufactured; No Preservatives or Additives; Kid Tested, Mother-Approved, type of love. (beats chest like Rampage Jackson before Caged-Fight)”

I dedicate this desire to those whom we are truly attracted to, not just on a sexual level, but on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level. And the attraction is required to be mutual, otherwise it’s not real. Stepping outside of myself, I visualize a father at the airport. He just landed after a 13- hour flight. He’s been daydreaming and reminiscing about his family, – but he’s more anxious to develop new ones. He yearns to hold his son after months (or even years) of physical distance. Forgive my over-romanticizing, but it’s like a Sunrise – often overlooked, since it’s so common to life – yet you appreciate it more when it’s been absent for a while. Separation makes the heart grow fonder….


He enters the terminal. He searches for his family. He spots his son. Now, this is where time becomes nonexistent to the two bodies, and everything slows down Matrix-style (without stylistic camera-pans). The son sees his father – instantly – he recognizes the face; furthermore, the memories are summoned to his conscience simultaneously, and he Lights Up like an Inspired Philosopher! Ding! (Still in the Matrix-style panorama) The father smiles and extends his arms passionately, signifying that his son’s inspiration is real. The son receives the intuitive green light to race towards him. The extensions of his father’s arms reach their maximum; his fingers mimic their erectness. The son screams: “daddy!” Running like Clean Water from Will Smith’s other Mansion. His father’s palms expand with so much integrity; his muscles tighten until contact is made. The intensity of this phenomenon is found in the unspoken language between the two bodies: it boldly screams “home!” The sense of belonging increases with each step, as they gravitate to towards the Invisible Black Hole between them. When the union initiates, the bodies engulf each other as if to consume. A duo becomes uno. And what’s even more fascinating is the “squeeze” mechanism that reinforces this binding of the bodies. It’s such a sanctifying element that reiterates approval of this natural event. It’s like the Standing Ovation for a Standing Ovation; the first one was so good, that it deserved another. They embrace each other as if they’re trying to implode. And for a moment, the two separate entities are recognized as one body. If daddy’s name was James, and son’s name was James Jr., then their union would be called James Squared. If daddy’s name was Robert, and son’s name was Troy, then their union would be called Troybert or Roy. If daddy was John, and son was Michael, their union would be called Michon (Mike-On) or Johcheal (Jo-Cole). Whatever the fusion name, it would defy all clichés and societal naming mechanisms for an instant. And after all the hoopla, the Big Bang occurs, and their universe expands, creating separate yet two connected entities that multiply themselves exponentially. Things go back to normal…sort of.

Sounds a bit dramatic, right? Different eyes see different things, though. So, to further my analysis (as I’m near completion of my scrumptious Asian Glazed Salmon – yum!), I correlated the expansion and contraction of the universe to this incident. I reveled in delight at the similarities! I envisioned a moment where this entire universe, all that is, implodes! I imagine all of existence returning to its point of origin. A Cosmically Divine Family Reunion! << Sounds a bit radical, I know, but considering my unorthodox, creative imagination, it works for me. And I know that I’m not the only one in this universe who shares this view. I imagine the universe containing an infinite menu of life forms that exists relative of each other – familial or even tribe-like – reproducing just as its Parent did (and does). And I imagine the Parent (God), calling upon all “Family Members” to return home for a Massive Hug. And as destructive as it may appear (google: Black Hole), there is perfect beauty found in the process because there is a purpose. Nothing exists without reason. I imagine that after this Epic Implosion, that Life will REcycle/REset/REbirth/REstructure/REform along with many other REasons to support their occurrence. It’s often stated that Life is not about the destination; the destination is certain. You have to wonder “how” the destination was met, because the process/journey glorifies it. The story told is brings flavor to the ending. And even the ending of a story is never a true ending; because as soon as you hear “and they lived happily ever after”…you ponder…what is life like AFTER that? Does it reset? Of course, we can accept that things don’t change afterwards; who would desire such insanity? Or maybe it’s not insane. So…what happens next?

What happens after you give that hug to your loved one? Life moves on, right? You separate; a whole bunch of events occur simultaneously to each of you, until the next time you become one again. Think about the last time you gave your loved one a loooong passionate hug (or kiss). Now think about the events that led up to it before the PREVIOUS loooong passionate hug (or kiss). And if your memory is awesomely intricate enough, repeat that again (or as many times as you can). Do you see the direction I’m going with this? Do you honestly believe that we spend our entire lives living to experience something ONCE? Eternity is longer than we can imagine in this case. Only God knows how many times we’ve had a “Family Reunion”. But I imagine that quantifying this event holds no relevance, because despite how many times it occurs, it always feels…..just oh so….

…well….I can’t really imagine a word for it, because it’s too magnificent for a word – it is simply is what it is.

If it’s mutual….then it’s real. And no matter if you desire to hug now or later, it will happen; if not in this life – then the next. It’s who we are. It’s analogous to the fusion of all colors to create white light; and then when refracted, the colors expand to depict the diversity and complexity of this pure white light. The colors of the rainbow are a family – and although you see each individual member, they are all equal portions of a greater whole.

Pray for my future inspirations if you’re feeling this, so that I won’t have to pull a Dead Beat Daddy mannerism on the children of the Skywalker Universe. For just one comment (displays sad, slightly dirty, innocent face of Skywalker child) you will feed the souls of millions of Skywalker children for what Earth considers 1 week. One comment is all it takes to bring sustenance, in the form of joy, to these precious children. And by sharing the dimensional link of the Skywalker Universe (click share) with your friends and associates, you will increase the chances of survival for the Skywalker children. So, please, comment today….  Share your thoughts so that poppas like John Skywalker can man-the-hell(or heavens) up and support the children of his universe.

(plays New Age, Easy Listening music that you hear in the infomercials, in background)


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