A Universe expressed through a Window of Experience

Bad Karma aka The Hurricane Kick


 So, maybe I asked for this (what’s this?). Maybe this is a product of yesterday’s singleblackmale.org conversation (um, what’s this?). Maybe I talk too much. Maybe I didn’t give off this negative energy. Maybe I need to accept the fact that Ryu’s Hurricane Kick swooped through the globe and inflicted a 9-Hit combo on my a$$….as well, as those within a 200,000 mile radius. << That’s what this is! (shrugs) Eh, it happens. This morning, I emerged from the dream world, trying to piece together the fragments of the dream to make sense of them. I recall seeing Franc (from the group “N.E.J.P.”) in the dream; he did a performance of some sort inside of this building. Or maybe we were just present in this building just to meet up. It could be a premonition. Regardless, I witnessed him at a point of his success that was greater than yesterday’s (shout out to him for getting signed to Slip n’ Slide records). I was outside, and I noticed that the dark clouds in the sky weren’t the thunder clouds that I assumed them to be. It was a huge tornado. However, it was motionless. It was like a scene from “Click” – everything else was poetry in motion, except this large, still-life of a Twister. It was an awkward image that held my stare in captivity. I was perplexed at the nature and the significance of it. Then some other events happened, and well, I woke up.

I decide to come to work early; not because I’m so passionate about my job, but I needed to retrieve my passport and civil ID from Kuwait’s Host Nation office. I arrive at work. First order of business: retrieve the on-post car, and head to Host Nation. I notice that there are soldiers (they’re the customer) in the receiving section; it appears that they were assisting the CSA eastern employees in processing THEIR items. I gazed, initially perplexed, and then I turn away unconcerned. If you’re a bit lost in my meaning, imagine this:

You go into Walmart’s customer service. With a few ounces of concern and Tiny Tim-like innocence; you inquire about the status of office and bathroom supplies that you’ve spent hard earned money on. They tell you “well, we’re sure we’ve received your items (sir or ma’am); however, we don’t have enough personnel to search our stock, and validate the reception of your items”. Of course, you’re gonna get upset and frustrated because you’ve been waiting a bit over 3 weeks. Lord knows you’re tired of using the newspaper as toilet paper and napkins! You’re reaching a critical boiling point of anger because you’re life’s mission is dependent on these items. Now, you’re starting to feel like a Playground, because they’re negligence is Playing with your emotions. Depending on your patience and level of tact, you’ll attempt to seek a resolution. However, it’s about as rare as Purple Moon on the 366th Day of a Leap year when a customer comes in and works in place of the people who serves them. I mean, this takes customer service to a new level….almost Stratosphere-like compared to the Tip of the Eiffel Tower. Better yet, this takes Self-Service to the once unfathomable of the human imagination. But, in the words of TJ “God’s Gift” Green

“Aye…I just work here”

So, I kept it moving.

I see a lot of VIPs within the area; and when I VIPs I mean Very Irritated People. This is one of those times where I’m glad I’m not in charge of much. What a blessing, because stress is contagious, and I made sure to take my daily dosage of Vitamin C – in case you’re wondering, that’s Vitamin Carelessness. I can’t take too many, because there’s a side effect called complacency that management has an anti-biotic for; it’s called “you’re fired” aka termination. Anyway, I enter the office, and was caught in what appeared to be an Oven….there was definitely some Heat in the atmosphere. I have a preexisting condition of blackness already, so I figured, let’s leave before we inherit another shade of brown. The warehouse just seemed to be filled with a thick cloud of unpleasantness – complaints, job insecurity (worry), emotional detachments and light gossip about the prophetic downfall of ITT in the contract transition. I’ve heard this verbal quip so much since I’ve been here: contracting is a dirty business. (shrugs) I go outside, and BLAOW! My manager blasts me with some electrifying information; but he said it so calmly. He says “John, your Visa got cancelled; you need to call Robin Beth, and inform her”. I was a bit bewildered; it screamed so loud in my mind. Or maybe that was the intuitive “whaaaaat!!?” that warped his words out of proportion. So, I follow up with “well, where’s my passport and civil ID?” In a light coating of blasé-blasé he says “I don’t know all that, all I know is that you were on the list for cancelled Visas. Call Robin Beth, and let her know what’s up”. I was a bit discouraged, but I laughed it off, and followed through. Minutes later, I’m talking to a customer about her love triangle. This cute, sophisticated, lively, female Cancerian was struck with a bee sting of indecision between two gentlemen. Both of these gents owned businesses, have a mature demeanor, are ambitious, and have a strong reputable affiliation with the military. So we Chop it up like Two Kung Fu Masters in the Dojo; this woman is such a conversationalist. She’s a bit on the bitchy side, but I like her approach with it; she’s so candid, outspoken, charismatic, and raw. It’s kind of sexy even (focus Eric). Despite the breaking news on my passport, I feel ok; don’t stick a fork in me yet because my day is still on pre-heat.  

I was in cruise control until I was matched with an emotional tidal wave from Facebook. There was a…um….misunderstanding between myself and one of Yahweh’s people (as if we weren’t all Yahweh’s people; but whatever). I should’ve removed myself from the Facebook conversation as soon as he started quoting scriptures!! I’ve done so well to avoid getting entangled in the web of religious dialogue. My evasiveness is really a defense mechanism against verbal conflict. I value my peace man!! We can all co-exist, I know we can. So, yea, Yelijha (the one who initiates the FB post) makes a comment about how her spiritual family sort of shunned her away; they were disappointed about her military affiliation. Since I’ve had some military experience, and I adopted their views once upon a time, I figured I’d step in to explain their bias to her. Understanding brings peace. I figured in doing this, it would send an underlying message that John Skywalker is her spiritual family as well. I let her know that although we’re not religiously yoked, the love I have for her makes us a spiritual family. That’s when another one of her spiritual family members slides in like Wesley Snipes from Blade. Ok, maybe not as debonair and sleek, but it felt like a battle was about to begin. Next thing I know, I’m caught in the centrifugal winds of a circular argument. Instead of letting it go, and yielding to the voice in my head, I proceed with a blind fold of ignorance. The conversation definitely escalated with passive aggressive force. Maybe that’s just what I felt on my end of the tug of war. He was trying to say his peace, and I was speaking my own. His argument: that the spiritual enemy IS the armed forces, due to their warmongering. In a biblical sense, he was saying that child of God cannot serve two masters.  While agree with some of what he believes, he generalizes all military personnel as killers who serve a master other than God (Yahweh). Yea, I know, what a fallacy, right? That’s an inflated assumption, although it’s justified because he simply doesn’t know that the ground is actually a tinted green on the other side of the fence. He hasn’t been on a military installation before. So, yea, he felt that since one is trained to kill, they’re obligated to kill when the order is given. Depending on the context in which he verbalized that, it’s true; contractually, you’re to follow orders or face persecution. However, the option to kill someone always resides with the individual; in the combat zone, it’s either you or them. You don’t have to kill, but you risk being killed – again, that’s a personal choice that can lead to more demises other than yourself. Now I also understand that joining the military places you a bit closer to that decision to kill. But again, this woman had an idea of what type of mud she’d be low crawling through before she got on her knees. Regardless, he has no combat experience (and obviously no compassion for the warfighter) so I was moved to enlighten the spiritually-inclined gent. I inform him that:

a)      Infantrymen are the body-droppers

b)      It’s very rare that a female goes off-base to drop a body

c)      Body dropping happens in the combat zone. Yelijha is not in the combat zone, nor has she been.

He slings a few more scriptures like a Ninja with Poison-dipped Shurikens. He exclaims that killing is against Yahweh’s Law, which I understand from a religious point of view. However, he and the spiritual family are condemning this woman before the act even happens. They feel that being military affiliated means serving a master other than God (Yahweh). If that’s the case, most people who have jobs pertaining to government, business, and economy is serving a master other than God (Yahweh). Again, his argument was “serve me in exchange for money”….good point made, IF the employer has vindictive agenda against all of humanity. Overall, I understood his concern, and I was trying to inform him of the fallacy within his claim. I advised him to inquire about the nature of Yelijha’s job so that he may ponder about the circumstances, and apply the scripture correctly. Knowledge is vain without application, right? Yet he was looking out for her interest through a religious standpoint – a bit of bias right there – but no harm, no foul….sort of …..because her “spiritual family’s” uncompassionate view is influencing this woman belief that her decision for military lifestyle was an unfavorable one. There are pros and cons in every decision, yet it seemed a bit unjust that he assume scripture, rather than ask questions and get a deeper understanding of Yelijha’s position in this devil-motivated organization. There are some good folks in here. But anyway, both of us were attempting to look out for Yelijha’s interest, while resulting in a Clash of the Titans. In the end, no one truly got hurt, and we both walked away. Yelijha emerges from the smoke and ash like a survivor from War of the Worlds, and proclaims that her job doesn’t entail killing; she’s in finance. (chuckles) Amazing what a few questions and the desire to understand will take you.  

Lesson re-learned and remembered.

At this point, the day is at Energizer Bunny status – the chaos keeps going and going.

We received a call from one of our CSA eastern employees (Indian) saying that a hand full of them have been detained for criminal investigation because the security guards discovered some items that they’re unauthorized to take off base. Guess what they were?

….2 boxes of pens and a mouse.

But aye, it’s government property, nonetheless. I swear, man, it looked like a scene from CSI. LOL! The MPs even found some yellow pills. They were shining the light on them, asking questions. We were looking at them as if they were alien technology. Yea, ET was on the bus with the alien version of Viagra medication. He just so happened to metamorph into backest of the back right seat. Anyway, through the inquiry, I suggest “well, they probably got scared that ya’ll were gonna cuff them for having pills. So, they threw em under the seat so that when ya’ll search, it’s difficult to figure out who did it” The conclusion of this chapter of the day….the two accused Indians were banned from post. Based on what grounds? Well, the government has to blame someone! So, since they were by the seat where the items were discovered, the Provost Marshall Representative figured these two would do fine as “volunteers”; talk about a wrong place, wrong time incident.  

Now, let’s see John Skywalker for the weather, John.

It’s raining today. Yuk! 

In other news, I lost the sensitive items container keys. (Presses sarcastic Yay! Button)

Don’t you just hate it when life goes into Road Runner Mode, and you zip by everything so fast, as you multi-task like Goro in a Kinkos, that you forget some of the most vital information? This is a mission setback; definitely counterproductive. Without those keys, I can’t store high dollar/pilferage merchandise for the customer. I’ve lost the keys once before, though. Lesson relearned, and I recalled a resolution. Initially, I was worried, but then I was like “Eric, seek a resolution. Just inform the boss that you lost the keys, you attempted to find them, but you couldn’t, and that you recommend cutting and replacing the locks. Next, adjust the master key list, and the worst thing that can happen – he takes your name off the access roster; of course, that’s not bad since you’ve got one more day of work, so it doesn’t matter” <<< Say it with me: stress-free. (deep breath….exhales).

After eating some breakfast, and saying my grace/prayer around midnight, the morning flowed into a more lenient ambiance. The boss came in, and all work-related information was leased into the air like steam from an iron. He shrugged in carelessness, and gave instruction on how to rectify the situations. Today was his last working day; in a few days, he’ll be working with TLC, living in a nicely furnished apartment, and a company-provided car. If anything, he’s cheerful and carefree. Physically, he’s been with CSA. But weeks ago, in his internal world, he’s been living in the future away from all this nonsense. I had a similar tactic through today’s Chaotic Hurricane Kick. I don’t know if it’s the collective consciousness of Camp Arifjan, or forces greater than my brain’s conception, but I am proud that I stood as strong as I could against merciless, uncontrollable elements of life. This may not have seemed like much to you; but for someone who’s accustomed to maintaining peace, it’s a big deal. The summation of events helped me recapture this essential lesson:

Worry not about chaos, for you cannot control her. Be concerned with securing the peace within. Peace does not fight; she retreats, and allows chaos to be until she is no more. Breathe. Meditate. Smile. Imagine. Escape. Let go of what you cannot control (chaos); disciple yourself into peace through self control and patience. Just chill.

Some people call it FML (F*#% My Life). Some call it Young and the Restless – Drama. Some call it Dennis the Menace – Trouble. Some call it Satan. Some call it tribulation. Some call it loser’s destiny. Some even call it bad juju. I call it….Ryu’s Hurricane Kick. It’s karmic how it goes around…and comes right back around. I’m pretty sure you’ve been caught in this repetitive roundhouse of energy. And you ain’t gotta do nothing to start it, it just happens. When you feel the uncontrollable resistance of the universe, you don’t always have to fight back; sometimes you just need to anchor yourself. I’m not talking about Deodorant, but I hope you got the Right Guard.  

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