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A Champion with No Title


The voice in my head asked:

What made you revoke your Christian title?

Before I get started, I will say that I love everyone, and I have been consistent in proving that. My views aren’t to be misconstrued as vindictive or disrespectful to the Christian community, or any religious affiliate. The following is an effort in being translucent in my beliefs.

I view religion as the institution of spirituality; it’s a man-made structure that serves as a school that attempts to advise/teach us how to be ourselves. It’s a system of practices and beliefs that facilitates the means to exercise ourselves in a manner that brings us closer to our forgotten state of perfection and divinity. Religion, in my opinion, is the elementary school version of teaching divinity. It provides the basics in love. Although there are a lot of flaws in religion, it serves its purpose as a tool that brings awareness to our godliness. I absorbed much of the Christian doctrine, but I perceive it as a being a small fragment of a larger map towards love. Jesus Christ is the central figure of this religion, of course, but the essence of who he is, captivates us. We recognize a part of ourselves in him; otherwise, there wouldn’t be so much focus on him. At one point in time, my focus was to emulate Christ; but I recognized that I always already like him; I just needed to choose this likeness. I remember looking at a painting of him in my very first church in Oceanside, Ca; I was like 5 or 6. The church was down the hill from where we stayed; quite convenient. I recall a time, being at Sunday school, where I initiated a monologue (really a dialogue) with the painting saying: “I relate to you; I know you. I am you; I just need to prove it”. I never expressed this moment to anybody because people would look at me weird. Yet, it’s rumored that children are the closest to God; that’s because they’re unconditioned, not because they’re innocent and naive. Anyway, after I figured out what his message truly was, after years of application, I recognized that I no longer needed to consider myself a Christian, because a) Christ didn’t create the religion – his followers did, and b) I was building from a foundation of beliefs and practices. I’ve always recognized Christianity as a basic level of spirituality. I also presume that Christ wouldn’t disown me (if he were to come back, lol if he hasn’t already), nor judge me based on my “religious identity”, but on the nature of my character. I presume that he would recognize that I’m an offspring of God in the same way he is. I can’t imagine him walking (or gliding) towards me, eye-to-eye saying:

“You disowned me by relinquishing your title as a Christian ….so I will disown you” (Ok, so maybe I can image him saying it!)

If it went down like that, we’d definitely have to sit down and chit-chat. I’d say something like:

“Lord, have you not witnessed my journey? Do you not know who I am? Forget my name…do you recognize my heart? Do you recognize my pain? Do you recognize the spirit within me? Are you truly blind? The Christ would never deny his own!! All of this over a fabricated name?! I thought we were better than that? Come on!”

But, I doubt that I would have to express all of that, in the first place. I exclaim this with warm confidence, because I know that in believing in him, I believed in myself. I’m assured within myself that he would see me for who I am, and nod in agreement. You do not have to be a Christian to believe in Christ, because Christ was the material embodiment of love. Christianity does not OWN love; love is free. So, instead of labeling myself with a fictitious title (which has respectable meaning), I figure that the only true definition would be…as God, because that’s who Jesus was exhibiting in the flesh. But, I’d rather call myself John Skywalker…child of God, until the day the world wakes up, collectively, and we call ourselves “God” in harmony. We’ll all say it in unison, whether rhythmically, poetically, artistically, chemically, harmonically, or however we agree…we will exclaim that “we… are…. God”

I realized that in saying “I am doing all things in Christ” I was really saying “I am doing all things in Love”, which also means: “I am doing all things in God”. This implies that God is everywhere, including inside of me. In doing things in God, you’re making a statement that you are one with God and the universe. <<< Religion teaches that indirectly; the concept is hidden, and can only be discovered through experience, because the truth of our selves is hidden in the experience of our selves. I’m discarding the title, but I’m retaining the essence of who I am, which matters most. It’s arguable that I’m separating myself from Christianity; different eyes see different things, I consider myself co-existing. What matters most is my relationship with God, not my religious background.

Our modern perception is a temporary one; it will change just as it’s always been changing. The manner in which we separate ourselves from each other and from God….that will all change. We will be consciously aware that there is ONLY God and nothing else. We will remember that there is only God, and that the devil is OUR creation; we give power to devil, and it’s only as real as we allow it to be. I say “it” because…the Devil Wears Prada (ba-boom-ching). Continuing…. we will simply be God, and life will be easier. So, conclusively….I renounced my title for a greater purpose that has yet to be fulfilled. I renounce my title, while inviting others to believe in me as a human being with a soul, as to prove that a religion cannot define a path such as the one walked by Christ. I’m preparing for a revolution.

4 responses

  1. Wow, very thoughtful post. I am a believer who has in many ways renounced the title Christian. I prefer Christ Follower or Believer (this is semantics for the purpose of emphasis) not in words only but in action. I live a life of Love, although I must say that my natural tendencies and desires are self-centered. I can only Love as I learn to Love; this Love I speak of is revealed in scripture. It is impossible to follow Christ and not accept His revelation. The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself. Many religions are founded upon the Bible but its purpose is not religion, spirituality is the focus. I agree that religion is an institution; however, spirituality is not. Spirituality flows from the heart (the inner man, your spirit little “s” the part of you that is like God who is Spirit BIG “S” The Only Supreme, Self-Existent One) and is outlined in the scriptures. Christianity is not “basic spirituality” yet a true Christ Follower or Believer is spiritual. Christianity is one of many institutions under the umbrella of religion. I think the issue may not be if you are called a “Christian” and more about if you are in fact one, which I believe is your point. I enjoyed your post….Be Blessed.

    January 26, 2011 at 5:38 am

  2. Thanks for making a pit stop towards the Skywalker Universe. I am ecstatic that you understand where I’m coming from, and very pleased that we have a cohesive view on spirituality!! Looking forward to seeing more from you….

    January 26, 2011 at 4:01 pm

  3. Josie

    You had me at “I love everyone”… 😉 I love you too!

    January 26, 2011 at 4:32 pm

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