A Universe expressed through a Window of Experience

Tu-Lips Goodbye


I remember when you used to read my lips

As I kissed you

That was the best poem you ever tasted

Every syllable, every word

Used to tickle your every nerve

You even knew this poem by heart

You didn’t have to think about it

But what’s crazy is how

You read that same poem from someone else

From a nobody who plagiarized my masterpiece!

And you couldn’t tell the difference?

My word choice was flawless

My handwriting was elegant

My delivery was pure brilliance

You vocalized my lips in a series of moans

The emotion was so intense

That your mind had an orgasm and your pussy had to think!

Your thighs pulsated at 150 beats per minute

And your heart had a spasm

I authored ALL of that!

Tell me that your lips read between his lines

And that you didn’t see the lies

Tell me that that you didn’t fake it

Tell me that your gums didn’t get numb

From the Novocain that Inked from under his tongue

Tell me that none of his words smeared like your lipstick

Lie to me and say that it was perfectly legible in Times New Roman

Font 12

And that you understood every…



I was just browsing through my endless notebook of kisses

And passionate tongue twists

That once scribed your name in cursive

And I just wanted to ask…

Can you still read my lips?

Or are you too illiterate to comprehend a classic?








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