A Universe expressed through a Window of Experience

Space Invasion



I Walk around with a Transparent Shell Protecting me

I am a Spaceship with an Invisible Force Field

It Cloaks me from the Universe – so I think

Visible to the Eye, I remain

I Relax my Shoulders

My Majestic Brown Eyes Absorb and Reflect my Environment

Chest Protruding like the Top of a Bongo Drum

I Stride from the Waist Down

My Toned Arms – Pendulum Swing

My Ship is Well Formed and Well Decorated

My Ship is on Autopilot

A Half Moon Rests upon my Chin

And it Shines for every Woman I see

Each Woman like a Different Planet

My Objective – to Seek Life and Multiply

My Ship Permeates through Atmospheres like a Sperm to an Ovulated Egg

The World I came from was Destroyed

Similar to a Kamikaze – I Died with it

The God of the Universe Resurrected us both

I Travel through Space to Escape her Gravitational Pull

Painfully Missing what was; Secretly Admiring what is

I find a New Planet, and Marvel at its Physical Attributes

Curious of the Life within it

The Cost for my Attention is Paid

She makes Eye Contact with me as a Generous Tip

I Quickly Divert my Eyes Forward

Hoping I wasn’t Disrespectful

It’s Rude to Stare

Which implies that it’s Disrespectful to Admire

I Sense Discomfort through my Radar

Which Triggers my Defense Mechanism – my Transparent Shell

My Perception of the Universe Alters

I convince myself that it was a Simulation

That she was a Holograph in Orbit – fulfilling Galactic Destiny

But a Residue of Curiosity remains

Calling me Back to Reality to Clean it Up

I remove my Transparent Shell and look once more

I Desire to Explore her world

From the Deepest, Wettest Parts

To the Softest, Smoothest Curvy-like Terrain

To Smell the Various Aromas within her Atmosphere

And Observe the most Unusual, Unexplainable Mysteries

But I pass; cursed with fear

Very Few Worlds welcome Aliens such as myself

I have been viewed as an Intruder many times

Even when I come in Peace to Share New Technology

    Life Sustainment Advances, and Secrets of the Universe

As Time Travels, my Spaceship Travels

Escaping a Gravitational Pull

Or maybe

My Magnetic Force is pulling the Planet

Like a Ball and Chain

Nature says “Go home”

But Logic says “Keep Exploring”

Where do I go to fulfill my purpose?  

John Nicholson © March 2010

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