A Universe expressed through a Window of Experience


I figured I would analyze this concept that many of us overlook, and often take for granted.

Believing is derived from Belief.

v. (used without object)
1. to exist or live: Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be” is the ultimate question.
2. to take place; happen; occur: The wedding was last week.
3. to occupy a place or position: The book is on the table.
4. to continue or remain as before: Let things be.

adv. Readily; willingly: I would as lief go now as later.
1. Beloved; dear.
2. Ready or willing.

Together this word means to “exist or live readily” or “continue willingly”. So when we we advise someone to believe in themselves, we aren’t permitting but empowering the individual with the birthright to simply “exist as you CAN”. Live with the possibilities within yourself…even if it’s bad. Whether we desire to live righteously or ambitiously, the foundation of lifestyle is held securely in our ability to believe. How we believe produces life. Our Source of life is Divine, and it is widely accepted by all source of life, that He is everywhere. When we accept our place in the Oneness of God….we are existing/living readily in God with the understanding that we ARE of God through first acknowledging ourselves, and then relating (connecting) ourselves to the things surrounding ourselves. Life begets life. Life receives, deceives, and freely gives. Life is, was, and becomes. It transforms, deforms, and reforms. When you can identify your capabilities (not your material possessions, your reputation, nor your accomplishments), and accept them…you exist readily within yourself. You discover potential and initiate the process of defining the self not based on your environment…but what your senses have summarized by simply asking questions, answering them, and proving them through a physical medium (your body). The purpose in all of this is to place yourself in the universe and serve until it is time for you to be served. How well do you believe in yourself?

Believing is often encouraged in todays society, yet it is often the source of some disputes and wars amongst each other. This precious inheritance, this divine ability, this supernatural structure of our existence powers creation and innovation in this universe. When mastered, one embraces the garments that God has bestowed upon us to bear as we become divine mediums and reflections of Him. 

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